Saturday, July 14, 2007

Operation Pay-Per-Click

From the 'You Couldn't Make It Up' school of counter-terrorism tactics...

US Homeland Security Chief predicts major terrorist attack based on a feeling in his tummy

and even better than that (
courtesy of Postman Patel)...

Metropolitan Police advertises for terrorists using Google Ad-Words

who said the people fronting the War on Terror are a bunch of bozos who think everyone else is even stupider than they are?

"I picked this up for next to nothing on Ebay"

oh yeah, I remember now, me


edit: On reflection, it is only fair to include that other partner nation in the War on Terror,
Australia, in this round up of the latest advances in cutting edge counter-terrorism techniques

How about...

'Dr Mohammed Haneef, 27, is accused of "recklessly" giving a mobile phone SIM card to one of the terror suspects.'

an offence that carries a maximum of 15 or 25 years in prison depending on which newspaper you read

And no, you couldn't make it up



paul said...

Rick Santorum and the presidential front runners feel the same

paul said...

In other news today, the evil brazilian dictatorship wants a word with your old favourite,boris

No doubt we will stand firm in defense of our recent immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Means of transfering cash ... example No 34, courtesy of Craig Murray.

"I think there needs to be an investigation into the practice by publishers of paying massive advances to politicians, which they know will never be recouped. Blunkett got ten times the advance I did, and he sold a sixth of the books. By my reckoning about £193,000 of his advance is still outstanding. Campbell will have to sell over half a million books to reach his advance. These are not commercial deals, they are backhanders from publishers. The deals are reached while people are still in office - therefore, it is a bribe. Blair reportedly put the agreed advance for his memoirs against the Connaught Square mansion. He would have to sell over 6 million copies to clear his advance.

Advances, like loans for peerages, are non-repayable if you don't clear. This is yet another way our politicos are bought by big business groups. Rupert Murdoch is the largest owner of publishing houses in the UK, followed by German conglomerate Bertelsmann.

Anyone got any other examples? Eg purposely loosing court cases where gov money is at stake.

Stef said...

Ha ha

Good one

It's certainly more inventive than just offering someone a board spot in the Carlyle Group

Presumably the idea was borrowed from the entirely unconnected money-laundering industry - Casinos being my favourite example

Step 1: Make lots of money selling drugs and people
Step 2: Take it to the nearest Mega Casino
Step 3: Exchange 20-30% of that naughty money in return for some nice shiny new money by means of games of chance

= An apparent loss is really a gain and everyone is a winner!!