Saturday, July 07, 2007

Something for the Numerolgists

Available now from
Amazon and all good bookshops...

and there's still enough time to pop out and pick up a copy today (7/7/7) before you get comfy and watch the Live Earth concert coverage from all 7 continents

Amazon US has a short video message from the author here

...the author being committed environmentalist and extreme twat David Mayer de Rothschild who just happens to be a member of a certain banking family much beloved by Conspiraloons

A member of the Rothschild family explains how to sub-size your life and family - (see also the Goldsmiths and the Windsors)

On balance, after carefully considering all the available material, I think probably the single most significant piece of evidence that I can point to when claiming that the global environmental movement has been hijacked by rich, elitist bastards from the most powerful dynasties on Earth who really don't give a toss about the bulk of Humanity is the fact that it has


edit: It looks like another of his fans has had a crack at editing David's Wikipedia bio (clickies)...

Now that's what I call grass roots activism

Fuck me, how I love the Internet


edit#2: The latest version of David's bio - this time the unapproved enhancement to its content is a little more subtle than the last one (clickies)...

and British comedian David Baddiel's wikireward for expressing heretical views about climate change (clickies)...



Shutter said...

"NWO scum" - you have missed off the tag. To which of course you might add "WEF scam"

When examined just now this well earned soubriquet was still emblazoned - his hagiographer (nanny?) evidently rises late on Saturday.

Wiser, earlier risers I see have sensibly taken a screen shot for the ebenfit of posterity.

Take care , possession of, might well become an offence , real soon now.

Tony said...

I am positively sure that David Mayer will "Sub-size" his life and his family, just as his book suggests... And building a bat house will make a fucking difference.

Stef said...

/ updates post slightly

The Antagonist said...

The words, "overplaying their hand," appear appropriate once again with regard to another bout of mindless fear-mongering. After that little lot, no one can fail to realise what a crock it is.

Who'd have thought that cunt David Baddiel would turn out to be the voice of reason in the midst of all the global warming / cooling / climate change who acted as "climate change denier" after correcting himself for first saying "holocaust denier".

Clever also one of the organisations with a lot to say is called Climate Outreach Information Network, probably more aptly known as COIN.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, Al Gore is married to Tipper Gore who led the PMRC on a crusade against the devil's very own work, any type of music not regularly played in church.

Stef said...

As I was participating in the annual Festa di Bermondsey yesterday I missed out on what Mr Baddiel had to say on climate change. I shall educate myself presently

Many moons ago Baddiel and his Mrs parked their car next to mine on a service station on the M1.

They were sorting out something in the boot when a coach load of football supporters staggered by and started yelling out comments like 'Look! It's Ben Elton!' and 'You're not as funny as the other bloke!' and 'Cunt!'

I don't care how rich he is - it wouldn't be worth it

Anonymous said...

On his Radio 4 comedy show 'Heresy', they were discussing climate change (the whole point of the show been to explore contrary viewpoints for laughs) and Baddiel made the very astute point that the use of climate change denier is meant to evoke 'holocaust denier'. Which it is. But it wasn't a particularly serious discussion and I don't remembering him actually offering any opinions on climate change itself.

I guess just the slightest hint of dissent is all the climate fascists need to brand you a witch though...

Shutter said...

Mumerologically speakin'

Apparently wedding parlours in the US were cranked up to top speed on 7/7/7 because ...

It's a winning number in craps

The opposite faces of a die add up to seven.

Seven days in a week

Seven planets that can be seen with the naked eye.

God rested on the seventh day after creating Earth

seven days of blessings after a traditional Jewish wedding

Buddha took seven steps after his birth

Hindus believe in the body's seven chakras

7 is de massive number 'cos 7,8,9

Tony said...

We wrote a cheque, we took care of our footprint and raised awareness, blah blah blah, and I've bought a hybrid.

Stef said...

@tony - it looks like I'm going to have throw *all* of my Bon Jovi records away

.000000025 seconds later...

Well, that didn't take very long