Thursday, July 12, 2007

Epitaph of the Week

This headstone I saw in West Hampstead Cemetery this week tickled me

as did these headlines outside a nearby newsagents

and here's a puppy

and some daisies

and a daisy cutter

well, I tried...

/ enough pictures for one day



Anonymous said...

You may be interested to read what Head of Legal has to say about The Lugovoi folly... continued.

So, for legal advice don't listen to the UK gov, instead go to the blogs ... pathetic, isn't it? (These people a paid a fortune and they can't do law / propaganda properly).

Stef said...

There's something vaguely comic about British politicians demanding that Putin breaks the Russian constitution by extraditing Lugavoi, whilst at the same time accusing him of edging towards despotism

And that's even before you consider that same British government has given political asylum and a UK passport to a Russian national wanted for trial in Russia who is openly telling the press that he is funding attempts to violently overthrow Putin's democratically elected government

Sad to say, our leaders are mendacious vermin, plain and simple