Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Locally sourced produce

As mentioned in an earlier post, I took a rain check on participating in the world-changing event that was Live Earth and chose instead to participate in the slightly less than global
Festa di Bermondsey over the weekend

Without quite reaching the spectacular heights of some previous years, the event still managed to include enough beer bellies, fighting dogs, discarded children and old men engaged in public frottage to make it the success that it always is.

And, of course, Chas and Dave were there…

Chas and Dave (NB not Baddiel)

Based on a couple of chats I’ve had with people who attended both
Live Earth at Wembley and some of the festivities in Bermondsey I get the distinct impression that Chas and Dave were miles better

And the viewing figures for
Live Earth seem to bear that out

As a Man Made Global Warming sceptic I should be pleased that the event had such a lukewarm reception

But I’m not

After all, when you find yourself in the same company as a newspaper such as The Daily Mail there's a good chance something isn't entirely right

And the problem is (obviously) this - just because the environmental movement is infested and corrupted by all sorts of unpleasant individuals and vested interests that doesn’t mean environmentalism is not worthwhile and essential. It’s just that environmentalism, just like lots of other well-intentioned isms past and present has become a tool for other less well-intentioned agendas. And there's a nasty risk that scepticism about a particular brand of environmentalism will translate into scepticism about all environmentalism

So where the fuck does everyone go from here? Where are the good guys?


And the best line heard in Chez Stef (a zero car household) on this subject in recent days was delivered by my other 1/2 after I rattled off a list of the cars Madonna owns (Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, an Audi A8 and a Mini Cooper S). As the Mrs put it...

'Madonna! She doesn’t even adopt locally!'

In future, Madonna promises to only buy children conceived within 25 miles of at least one of her homes


And for anyone who wasn't privileged to catch Dave Edmunds' scorching, Global Warming enhancing, Saturday night set at Southwark Park here's a clip of a slightly younger Dave in action...



paul said...

In agreement here. The green dream is a noble aspiration that has been largely assimilated.

I find the same problem with interesting folk on the left. Pointless,rambling and mendacious attack here, by someone who should know better
Lenins alright but the clackers are a complete and utter shower of cunts

Anonymous said...

Abandoned babies ... this is predominantly a middle class phenomena at the moment, hence your photo is misleading. See the McCanns; alternatively, go to any restaurant early evening, any day of the week, and find tired, fractious children being deprived of sleep 'cos their parents want to go out boozing. Of course the middle classes are never prosecuted for this neglect.

Stef said...

this is predominantly a middle class phenomena at the moment, hence your photo is misleading

Since when has a photograph ever been misleading?

OK, that one might be

The point you're missing of is course is that to prosecute a middle class family like the McCanns would only serve to inflict more pain on people who are already going through the torment of having lost a child

People from lower socio economic groups have a higher pain thresh hold and can therefore be demonized in the press and locked up without any such concerns

Stef said...


You might want to check out 'Lenin's' most recent (11:42) comment under that post, including the line...

In order to avoid this, you have obsessed yourself with details about a fucking train time, and you know it's been dealt with repeatedly. You have slandered others including a survivor of the attacks, on this site, because they didn't accept your claims, and because they were in a position to know better. This marks you out as a supreme nutter - and I mean this to be offensive, because you are personally rather repugnant and you need to be offended, and frequently.

at the end of the day him and his kind are as staunch a bunch of supporters of official conspiracy theories as anyone.

And the biggest clue that him and his kind are bang off the mark is the amount of time the corporate media devotes to rubbishing parapolitical conspiracy theories (lots) compared to the amount of time it devotes to attacking Marxism (none)

So, which is the biggest threat to the established order?

Stef said...

Well, it looks like Lenin's Tomb is going to have to come off the old blogroll

Not because I dislike hearing or discussing alternate points of view to my own but because he does

Stef said...

... as far as I can follow his pointless, mendacious ramblings matey appears to be claiming that individuals should not be trying to subject the claims and actions of our establishment to critical scrutiny but should instead be focusing all their efforts on overthrowing the existing system

we've tried doing things that way round before and the same old bastards still end up running things

all systems are imperfect and our only defence is an educated, sceptical and ever-vigilant populace

alternatively you could preach blind acceptance of official, corporate sponsored conspiracy theories and accuse all those who don't of being mentally unwell

more Stalin than Marx imho

verily I say unto thee that this bloke is a premium ball sack

Anonymous said...

"Since when has a photograph ever been misleading?"

Now there's an interesting title for a post, Stef. (Be sure to include the statute of Saddam Hussein).

Anonymous said...

any self respectin' Conspiraloon should point out to lenin the connections between what was written by people who liked to put illuminated eyes & pyramids on their books and what Marx wrote later.
In 1841 Clinton Roosevelt wrote 'Science of Government Founded on Natural Law' It allegedly had nice diagrams like the one below:

Tony said...

Off-topic, you can prove anything, if you look at the numbers just hard enough: Research Links Lead Exposure, Criminal Activity (Brought to you by the "two graphs correlating proves anything" school of thought)

Anonymous said...

crap, hit submit instead of preview.

diagram here

More Conspiraloon info here..

though it looks like the contributor may be using another book about Theodore Roosevelt's grandfather's book as a general reference.

Going back to the French Revolution, more alleged Illuminati members like François Babeuf wrote material which sounded very similar to Marx's (Engels really?) work, like his 'Manifesto of the Equals'

A book which is online called Secrecy or Freedom? parses and condenses books written about secret societies & the illuminatti, from during the French Revolution, through to Guiseppe Mazzini's time, and up the present. It goes into detail about the Babeuf and Marx connection. Its written from a generally Christian & 'Conspiraloon' point of view, so it cant be taken seriously unfortunately, but thought I would provide a linky just to show the crazy stuff people were writing about back in the day, despite being well researched..

Regardless of the connections, or if there really is a grand conspiracy, it does seem odd to me that one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto was the creation of an absolute capitalist organ (central bank). Marx clearly didnt understand the nature of a debt money system, or did he?

Another thing which I'm realising, is that neither collectivism nor liberty/individualism can exist based purely on materialism.

sorry for the waffling. thank you for an entertaining and interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

btw.. the bit about "Its written from a generally Christian & 'Conspiraloon' point of view, so it cant be taken seriously unfortunately" was meant to be sarcastic. But since certain chapters are referencing literature written by a Jesuit and the Papacy itself, which allegedly have had long running feuds with free masonary, I would say a pinch of salt is worth having.

Stef said...


Marx clearly didnt understand the nature of a debt money system, or did he?

Marx's contemporary Bakunin certainly seemed to think that he did and described Marx and his chums as having...

one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and their arses sitting upon the German press

or how about this Bakunin quote (less some good old-fashioned 19th century Russian anti-semitism that I've taken out)...

Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschilds. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank ... which speculates upon the labor of the people...

Bakunin was hard core

Another quote that just came to mind, prompted by talk of Marxism and materialism is one attributed to Jesus

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

It's often interpreted as a statement of resignation and capitulation in the face of authority. My interpretation is that JC was saying pay your masters back in kind. So, in the case of the banking system that would involve paying them back with lots of worthless scraps of paper you've just written some nonsense numbers on

In comparison with the likes of Bakunin and Christ, Marx was a total a pussy.

Advanced Conspiraloons™ will maintain that was all part of the plan

Thanks for the links, I shall persue them on the morrow

Stef said...

@tony - Thanks for the link. As you know, all references to high quality pseudo-scientific bullcrap are received with gratitude

paul said...

I commented a few times, but was rebuffed by the intellectually suspect but ideologically useful 'fuck off' strategy

How he he hopes to combat high crimes by neglecting low ones escapes me.
But then, as a person now banned from lenin's tomb(and 'conspiracy theorist!!') said
If I didn't want to think for myself, I'd join the swp

I feel another 'we are under attack!!?!' piece coming on about alien 'lefties'?!!!

paul said...

off topic but here's a
linkto help with your conspirakids independent research

And they say we're nuts

Stef said...

and not forgetting Cryptokids™


and FBI for kids


Sadly, MI5 for Kids and Specialist Firearms Unit for Kids are not yet up and running

Stef said...

re. 'lenin'

a top comment from Qlipoth


No doubt 'lenin' has his reasons; it's just a little strange that he never explains them. Perhaps his next paper will be entitled "What's wrong with Islamofascism?", or "What's Wrong With Political Correctness?"

paul said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Lenin: Bridget Dunne is stark raving mad. Any minute now she's going to start blabbering about the reptilian agenda...

Mr. Capital | 10 Jul, 14:12 | #


Stef said...

I'd respond but any cunt who's selectively editing comments submitted to his blog is not worth the effort

Anonymous said...

I never really heard of Bakunin before. Thanks for the quotes.

The Marx-Babeuf allegations & connections are made in this chapter of the book I linked to.

It seems to me that like environmentalism today, well intentioned movements in the past were sometimes co-opted or subverted by forces with possible ulterior motives.

As far as what Jesus said with regard to empire, I take it to mean: let Caesar have his lot (taxes etc...) in this material world, since thats all it is.

It reminded me of something else I read before which went along the lines of: fighting the empire with steel only makes it stronger.

So instead of focusing on fighting over materialism, which makes the materialists stronger, you should be more focused on spiritual side, since there is no winning a materialist war against the empire (materialists). ...or some such thing which I'm not being very coherent about :)

IIRC Gandhi took a similar approach against the empire. Gandhi was also a member of Blavatsky's Theosophical Society, which has it's own can of conspiracy theory worms. Blavatsky's occultic teachings were allegedly the inspiration of the Nazi party's myth (via the Thule Society) of an aryanian master race.
So yep its all part of the reptilian plan ;)

Stef said...

oh yes

and re. that Jesus quote

if taken in context of his first asking whose face and inscription was on the coin the Jesus quote is a potentially a lot more subversive than it is often credited as being and up there ahead of anything Marx came out with

whilst not being in possession of any Christian faith myself I do wonder what kind of world we would live in if more Christians really did adhere to Christ's teachings

I think it would be a better one