Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You know I am no stranger I know rules are a bore...

Thanks to a special anonymous correspondent (anonymous because he has over-active eyebrows and is kind of swarthy looking) I have been enjoying this extract from a Neighbourhood Watch circular, written by a middle-ranking police officer, sent to people in Haringey, North London, shortly after we all discovered that not all liquids are our friends (my choice of bold/ links)…

These people are not part of cohesive communities. They are criminals and terrorists bent on mass murder, they have no part to play in any communities in Haringey. There have been over 20 arrests made, but no addresses in Haringey have been involved in the raids that occurred.

If you have any information, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is, please do not hesitate to contact police on 0800 028 2390.

Below is a briefing from the Assistant Commissioner that may be of interest to you and your community:

The following document contains some details about the counter terrorist operation, which took place overnight. It is suitable for verbal dissemination amongst your Community Policing Teams, trusted partners and Local Members of Parliament. It is focused purely on the criminal investigation. As always, there is a need for restraint in the reporting of events so far as they relate to those who have been arrested. We must all, please, be careful to say or do nothing that might prejudice the right of any individual to a fair trial.

  • The investigation has focused on intelligence, which suggested that a plot was in existence to blow up transatlantic passenger aircraft, in flight. The intelligence suggested that this was to be achieved by means of concealed explosive devices smuggled onto the aircraft in hand baggage. The intelligence suggested that the devices were to be constructed in the United Kingdom, and taken through British airports. The number, destination and timing of the flights that might be attacked remain the subject of investigation.
  • This has been, and continues to be, a fast moving investigation.
  • Today marks the culmination of one phase of what is a major operation that has already lasted several months, and will undoubtedly last long into the future.
  • During the investigation an unprecedented level of surveillance has been undertaken and our objective is to gather intelligence and evidence in support of the investigation. We have been looking at meetings, movements, travel, spending and the aspirations of a large group of people. This has involved close co-operation, not only between agencies and police forces in the United Kingdom, but
  • also internationally. As is so often the case in these investigations, the alleged plot has global dimensions.
  • The investigation reached a critical point last night when the decision was made to take urgent action in order to disrupt what we believe was being planned. As always in these cases, the safety of the public was our overriding concern.
  • Throughout the night a significant number of arrests were made. All the arrests were made on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of Acts of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000.
  • The people arrested remain in custody in London where officers will pursue the investigation from the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist branch.
  • Searches are also underway at a number of business and residential premises in London and elsewhere. We anticipate that these will take some time to complete.

You will realise that this is a very early stage in what will be a meticulous, painstaking criminal investigation. We will now be embarking on the next stage of the investigation, an investigation that will take us wherever the evidence leads. As and when I am able to do so we will give out information on the progress of the investigation. But please be aware that we will only release specific information when we are sure it is correct. At this point we must focus on the criminal investigation and any subsequent legal process, and refrain from speculation.

There's a special mystery prize to anyone who can logically reconcile the line 'These people are not part of cohesive communities. They are criminals and terrorists bent on mass murder' with 'We must all, please, be careful to say or do nothing that might prejudice the right of any individual to a fair trial' without reverting to sarcasm.

Even if you tried really, really hard you couldn't make it up. You really fucking couldn't.

Special mystery prize, as found clearing through some of my nan's
old stuff the other day - essential for those long flights.


t-mix said...

The link to Stasi is nice, but this one would better fit:

The Antagonist said...

What would happen if, instead of Muslims, the minority community being de-humanised and rounded-up in their droves happened to be of the Jewish persuasion?

Do you think if it were Jews in the firing line people might recognise the history of Nazi Germany repeating itself, in Britain and around the world, as both tragedy and farce?

It would be difficult to argue cogently that Muslims in Britain are not being persecuted at each and every turn, in much the same way as the Jews were persecuted and rounded-up by the State in 1930s Germany; and we all know roughly what followed there with the advent of Nazi concentration camps and forced labour camps into which huge numbers of working class people were thrown to labour for the state and what little was left of their lives.

The British versions are called detention centres and Herr Reid has already talked of making offenders work under the supervision of the army, so we will have to see how long it takes the British public to assimilate both of these bits of information in the geopolitical context of the whole of human history such as we know it to be.

Stef said...

@t-mix: Yes, Blockleiter is better. Thanks

@antagonist: A while ago I was watching a TV show about the rise of the Nazis - the Reichstag Fire, Kristallnacht, the usual. The other half sat watching with me for a bit, then she looked at me and asked 'How can an entire country end up like that?'

I didn't have too think too hard for contemporary examples

Never again?

If ordinary Jews were on the receiving end of what is going on right now I'd be just as angry, just as disgusted. It just so happens that it's ordinary Muslims' turn this time.

I don't claim that we are living under anything that approximates to a full police state just yet but changes are certainly being made, in our laws and in people's perceptions, that pave the way for one.

Simon Pietroni said...

I did read the words, honest, but the more important result is that I have Human League stuck in my head now. Thanks Stef!

The Antagonist said...

Never again? I'd agree but the front page of The Sun today (17/08/06) is:

"CAMPS are the answer to our overcrowded prisons".

It goes on:

"The Sun today calls for disused army camps to be turned into jails to solve the UK'S prison crisis."

The Antagonist said...

Oh, and unemployment is up nearly 100,000 thanks, not to Muslims (for that would be far too predictable), but instead to Poles, who, for those with short memories, also copped it last time the real Fascists tried it on.

Shahid said...

Monday was a dark day for this Suspect Paki.

The papers were all screaming at me and the tube-riding uber-menschen (scared, white people) were staring at me, muttering under their breaths, and since then I've been sworn at, pushed, called 'paki' and overheard the most filthy lies against Muslims repeated within earshot.

This country is turning to shit before my very eyes.

If it wasn't for my kids, I think I might consider seeking asylum from this fascist state.

It might seem normal to some, but I can assure you it's not.

Muslims are being villified on a daily basis all over the morally disintegrating western world and we're being randomly rounded up and chucked into prisons for nothing.

In other parts of the world, the fascist Yoblair and the evil antichrst Bushler pre-approve the mass murder of children through precision, guided cluster munitions, depleted uranium tipped bombs and chemical weapons.

The Home Secretary brazenly tells us that we will have to lose our liberty to win our lives (that's called slavery by the way) and meanwhile, Muslims are to blame.

Some days, I feel I can't breathe. Panic attacks are threatening, because the only terrorist attacks taking place today are against people who aren't white.

What happened to my Britain?

Postman said...

I only wish I lived in Haringey where the Plod keep such an eye on meetings, travel arrangements, etc.,

I wonder if they are so considerate round here ? Nah - they are under resourced.

carlo156 said...

The sarcasm and irony of the earlier phrase got me. I don't know why'd they release that much information and detail and say in the end that the information is confidential to protect personal rights. Duh?

Stef said...


Well spotted

It hardly seems like 25 years ago does it?

Things were different then...

jackenstein of all trades said...
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jackenstein of all trades said...

I bring you this Oz prank [embedded video on page], thinking that without a sense of humour the t'rists have won...

And then this, which sadly highlights Shahid's concerns: flakes on a plane taking their cue from the current alarmist climate.

edit: for bad link