Sunday, August 27, 2006

Audiovisual treats for the terminally conspiratorial

Well, one thing’s for sure, this month’s terror alerts have served as a nice preamble for the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 next month. Which leaves plenty of scope for journalists and politicians to come up with lines like…

five years on and the threat of terrorism is as strong as ever’

guff like that

The chances of any of them going further and concluding…

So, all those invasions, changes in legislation and arrests over the last five years haven’t made us any safer so maybe we should think about getting rid of a few of the fuckwits behind all of that and trying something else instead

are, however, slim.

It’s not all bad news though. Two members of the 9/11 Commission and Popular Mechanics magazine have recently published books about 9/11, tastefully timed to coincide with the anniversary – purely as a public service I’m sure and not as a shameless cash-in or anything tawdry like that. The PR campaigns for the two books have resulted in some amusing viewing and listening for hardcore aficianados of 9/11 scepticism.

First up, the Popular Mechanics book ‘Debunking 9/11 Myths’ which supposedly demolishes all the key 9/11 conspiracy theories with the aid of hard facts and science.

I’m working on a theory that the Forces of Darkness were a bit short-handed over the Summer Holiday period and had to field members of their graduate trainee program to fill in the gaps over August. What other rational explanation can there be for this woeful performance by the guy responsible for ‘fact checking’ the book on a Arizona talk radio station?

The Charles Goyette Show, Wed Aug 2

– A recommended listen for fans of ‘insane 9/11 conspiracy theories’ everywhere

And then there’s the book written by two 9/11 co-chairmen. That famous conspiracy-loving, pinko lunatic Lou Dobbs had a few amusing things to say about that…

Maybe in another four or five years some people with a voice in the mainstream media on this side of the pond will get their heads out of their arses and start thinking, and talking, about all the bullshit surrounding 7/7 in a similiar way


But before that we would, of course, actually have to have an official inquiry into 7/7 so that our politicians and security chiefs are actually obliged to say something on the record and support that something with some actual evidence, rather than making do with leaking insane anonymous crap to the Daily Express and The Sun.

Dream on

In the meantime, the folks at 7/7 Truth have set up an on-line petition calling for an official inquiry into 7/7 which takes about 2 seconds to sign onto.

Release the Evidence!

I can vouch for the speed of the process from direct personal experience as I only got round to signing myself about 10 minutes ago.

It didn’t hurt

\ world’s greatest procrastinator


Bridget Dunne said...

Thanks for the link to the petition, Stef, and for signing it. Small steps, but in the light of getting John Reid to have to announce that the narrative is deeply flawed, we are scoring some success.

As you so cogently highlight in your 30's retro-vibe posting anything we can do to prevent history as tragedy being repeated as farce has to be worth the effort.

Apprentice said...

Thanks Stef, cogent commentary as ever. Duly signed.

Anonymous said...

This may be of interest -

Stef said...

oh yes, thx