Friday, August 04, 2006

Rent Boys and Concrete Owls

The funniest exchange I’ve seen about Tony Blair’s possible show / no show at this year’s Bohemian Grove gathering took place by way of comment at the bottom of a post in Guido Fawkes blog about the antics at the Grove -

Tony Blair camping it up can you imagine, wonder if he took Gordon?

Seriously, they do worship a huge concrete owl and employ rent boys, all recorded facts

To which someone replied

That's still preferable to the LibDem practices of worshipping rent boys and employing concrete owls.


Mark Oaten - really does worship rent boys

I must confess to an increasing sense of nervousness after Mark Oaten (married, two kids) explained that going bald and having a mid life crisis was the direct cause of his enthusiastic interest in rent boys.

I turned 40 a while back and most of my hair escaped seawards via the plug hole years ago. And I'm concerned that any day now I might finally lose that final Judas Follicle that leaves me hungering for paid sex with male prostitutes.

The exchange about concrete owls and rent boys also includes passing reference to the rumours that Gordon Brown (married, two kids) has also dallied with same sex love in his past.

What is it about politics that makes it so attractive to (alleged) closet homosexuals anyway?

Years ago, in those dark days before the Internet, there was a time when virtually every homosexual in London claimed to had, or claimed to know someone who had, done five rounds with then Conservative Party Leader in waiting Michael Portillo (married, no kids).

The amusing thing about that story was that once you were in on it it was pretty clear that some of the national newspapers were taunting Portillo on the sly on a pretty regular basis. I remember one piece in a tabloid that ran a story about an affair between an unnamed Black professional footballer and an unnamed senior politician. And right next to that piece the paper had placed a huge picture of Portillo in the context of another story.

Something similar, but admittedly much more overt, is currently taking place with Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (married, two kids) and a couple of women he is rumoured to have had a few fumbles with.

John Prescott knobbing David Miliband?

Of course, if you’re not already in on the rumour you can end up like that bloke in A Beautiful Mind, sitting in a room surrounded by thousands of newspapers trying to piece together the hidden meanings and messages encoded in their pages

But that’s good too

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