Thursday, August 10, 2006

The latest in London-based virtual mayhem

Thanks to a tip off from the Londonist blog I have just thoroughly enjoyed watching the trailer for Gangs of London – a new game for the Sony PSP due out soon.

It’s looks like it’s going to feature some seriously stomach-churning content

But there again, crap Mockney accents always have that effect on me.

Bob Hoskins, Suffolk born and bred - Lord of the Mockneys

Sadly, the game designers haven’t included very much of South London at all, which is criminal, and they appear to have a peculiar take on which ethnic groups hold sway over particular parts of town. I’m still having trouble getting my head round the notion that the area including and around the Bank of England is controlled by a Yardie gang called the EC2 Crew. I’ve heard some conspiracy theories in my time but that one’s something special.

The game does, however, appear to allow players to enter Tube stations and shoot people in the face repeatedly so it’s faultlessly accurate in that respect and solves that tricky problem of knowing what to buy the SO19 Officers in your life for Christmas.

The chances of me ever actually playing the full retail version of Gangs of London are somewhat reduced by me not owning a Sony PSP and not planning on getting one either. Fortunately, there’s a considerably cheaper alternative on offer in the form of the Goggles – the Google Earth Flight simulator.

Here’s me fantasising about reducing my next Council Tax bill by knocking City Hall out of action...

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homemade said...

Practise Stef, practise.

Shahid said...

I work for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe - I'll be getting a copy of the game once it's out - you're welcome to come over to mine to play it if you fancy the trip up from south London to North.

Or we could meet up by the river, MI6 style and play it portably, in its element.

Stef said...


I might very well take you up on that offer...

Shahid said...

my email is shahid at suspectpaki dot com