Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This week's new offence

One of the trickiest aspects of living under a New Labour government is keeping up to speed with all the exciting new criminal offences that come out every week. In that respect, I'm looking forward to the day when corporate control of our country finally becomes absolute. At least companies, unlike governments, issue Personnel Handbooks to all their employees and circulate updates every few months. I always used to find taking out the old pages and clipping in the new ones therapeutic in a curious kind of way.

Anyway, whist reading about today's new crime I started thinking to myself 'well, at least there's one new offence I'm unlikely to commit inadvertently - this really isn't my 'bag' at all...'

Looking at pictures of rape and sexual torture will become a criminal offence for the first time, it has been confirmed. People caught with so-called "violent and extreme pornography" could be jailed for up to three years. It follows a campaign by the mother of Brighton schoolteacher Jane Longhurst, 31, who was killed in 2003.

Violent internet porn was implicated in the trial of her alleged killer.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said: "This sort of material is not just offensive,

it contains images of sexual acts and sexual violence that are already illegal to publish or distribute in the UK.

"Such material has no place in our society, but the advent of the internet has meant that this material is more easily available and means existing controls are being by-passed."

And then, I realised that I have occasionally looked at sick twisted shit like that on the Internet

Hmmm, 'no place in our society'

I couldn't agree more

I'm a rapeist


Postman said...

Spot on SZ... and ..."The Silence of the Lambs" ?

Stef said...

according to the BBC report ...

"The new law will not target those who accidentally come into contact with obscene pornography or affect mainstream entertainment industry working within current obscenity laws."

So it would appear that mainstream sado-masochistic torture deathporn - SotL / CSi etc. is fine

Stef said...