Monday, August 21, 2006

Away with the Fairies

I’ve spent a fair chunk of the last couple of months in the company of very sick old people. And when you’re a very sick old person who’s consuming some seriously potent medication, occasional bouts of delusional confusion come pretty much as standard.

Or, as a nurse said to me, when referring to my sick relative a few weeks ago, ‘I think he’s away with the fairies’.

For some reason that expression has lodged in my brain ever since and I’ve found myself using it two or three times a day.

There’s been no lack of opportunity.

Which gets me onto to the subject of our beloved and revered Head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair.

He’s definitely off on a weekend break with our dainty, winged friends.

Commissioner Sir Ian Blair - helping to keep Fairyland
safe from crime

According to an interview he gave recently

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said parts of London are returning to an era of neighbourliness and low crime. He said residents in Haringey, north London, are now happy to leave their front doors open and unlocked. Sir Ian said community-based Safer Neighbourhood Teams were making people feel as safe as they did 25 years ago. He also likened neighbourhood police team leaders to "the sheriff" who dealt with matters in their area

Is there no end to this comedy prank monkey’s versatility?

The face of modern policing in North London 2006

I particularly like the way this interview dovetails nicely with my last couple of posts about insane police edicts in Haringey and people still having a residual faith in the integrity of the people who run our police that harks back to gentler times.

Maybe Sir Ian and I have some kind of psychic bond.

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Anonymous said...

Ironic that, it was about 25 years ago to the month that i was first burgled over here in Haringey.

He of the swarthy eyebrows.

Stef said...

I was young. I needed the money