Friday, August 04, 2006

Current Threat Level - Severe

I've just been perusing the site and especially the spiffy new Threat Level Indicator

The current risk level is SEVERE...

Of course, publishing a sliding scale of threat levels for the Public is of no real practical use unless there is a
corresponding sliding scale of actions we should all take in response to each level of risk

For example,

If the risk level is 'Severe' avoid sitting next to any hairy brown people on public transport. Continue your normal life but with an enhanced sense of nagging nervousness and fear.

If the risk level is 'Extreme' take to the streets in a howling mob and hang all bearded brown people from the nearest lamp post. Read the Daily Express for further instructions.

Otherwise, without suggested courses of action, the threat level indicator would be simply be a chunk of old toss.

Fortunately, guidance is provided ...

How the Public should respond to different National Threat Levels

Public vigilance is always important regardless of the current national threat level, but it is especially important given the current national threat. Sharing national threat levels with the general public keeps everyone informed and explains the context for the various security measures (for example airport security or bag searches) we may encounter as we go about our daily lives.

Phew, for a moment there I really did think that it was a chunk of old toss.

However, even though the official threat level indicator thingie clearly is an excellent way to spend public money and keep us all informed, I still prefer this alternate indicator because it comes in prettier colours -

Current Terror Alert Level
Terror Alert Level


Postman said...

I don't think you are taking this terrist warning seriously enuff Stef. I have (as a public service) added it to my site. Although with that SEVERE warning level it might be unwise to leave such a sign in a telephone box near Euston Station with a handy telephone number...which makes me wonder if you
combined their sign with ..say ..

You might end up with something nobody could ignore...except perhaps poor Mark Oaten.

If you really want to be severely warned read Melanie Philips in "The Spectator" today apparently Hizbollah are hiding in your cellar.

The Antagonist said...

Along similar lines, Dr K's Personal Paranoia meter, a far more accurate synopsis of the 'terror threat' faced by the British people.

Shahid said...

I've already suffered losing one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is suddenly developing a problem with Muslims - and since I'm a Muslim, she has dropped me from her circle of friends and tells me she no longer trusts me.

Shahid said...

I should clarify - she dropped me after reading Suspect Paki last week.

Thankfully, most of my friends wouldn't shop me to the Nazis. I expect a few more to drop by the wayside...