Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both

John Reid - yet another New Labour c^nt wanting to be Prime Minister

Some blinding sound bites from the Home Secretary John Reid today -

"There is no room for complacency. We are probably in the most sustained period of severe threat since the end of the Second World War"

"We may have to modify some of our freedoms in the short-term in order to prevent their misuse and abuse by those who oppose our fundamental values and would destroy our freedoms and values in the long-term"

It would be nice if John had quantified exactly what he meant by "some" of our freedoms or how long "the short-term" will turn out to be. Presumably until there aren’t any Muslims out there fucked off with the way the West treats them. By next Monday or Tuesday maybe?

So much for the Cold War then. It would appear that, in hindsight, the entire massed weaponry of the Red Army was but nothing in comparison with a handful of mental cases scattered in dingy bedsits across the country.

Nowhere near as big a threat to our Way of Life as that Muslim bloke
who works in
your local fish and chip shop

What baffles me, what really baffles me, is how our politicians can get away with fascist crap like this, time and time again. Admittedly 80%+ of the people are more occupied with their mortgage payments or choosing their next cellphone but of the minority of people who do follow things and do give a damn how can any of them not see what is going on?

and what c^nts like Reid and Blair refuse to acknowledge is that terrorist bombs, however big and scary, cannot change the nature of our society. Bombs cannot take our freedoms away from us, they just kill people. Our own politicians, however, particularly traitorous ones, can do both.

Reid and Blair and all the rest are either too stupid to realise this. In which case they are unfit to govern. Or they do realise this and they are wicked and deserve to be strung up.

Our government is currently playing one of the oldest tricks in the book and it seems to be getting away with it.

There was a time in this country when no politician would have dreamed of coming out with junk like Reid came out with today. They would have been torn apart.

I, and I suspect a few others out there, are getting quite accustomed to a sense of loss, and shame, at what is being done to a country I once took some pride in being born in.

And the longer this goes on, with little or no opposition, the more I’m inclined to think that people really do deserve what is going to happen to them.


Shahid said...

Awesome post Stef.

We don't deserve it. I think I've come to realise that. We don't deserve it. Not even the ones who are asleep. You can't really blame them. They are just ordinary human beings, trying to get along.

We, the few, have devoted our time to a search and to expression. We can't expect everyone to be like us.

The powers that be know full well what they're doing. They're the ones who deserve what's coming, except that they have the power to ensure that they will never get what's coming, and the common people on either side, it doesn't matter, as long as there are sides, will continue to be used, abused and discarded, like so much collateral damage.

The Antagonist said...

Reid and Blair aren't stupid. Reid and Blair are fully paid up members of the ruling class whose only hope of thriving has always been based on crimes, corruptions and the mass murder of serfs, peasants and working classes, more often than not by serfs, peasants and the working classes themselves. You won't catch any of the ruling classes leading the boys into battle because, well, why should they? They bid and we are commanded, or so they myth goes.

Do the people in Lebanon and Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan deserve what they are getting? Will the people in soon-to-be 'freed' parts of Latin America and Africa deserve what is going to happen to them at the behest of long-planned invasions, military coups and other such subversions that only the forces of state could organise?

We already know that putting an 'x' in a different box every fours years isn't going to sort anything out. If we're honest, we learnt that a long time ago but somehow still became too complacent for our own good. Lots of people were thrilled when Labour first came to power and look where that has landed us and, by extension, people in other parts of the world who suffer more at the hands of our regimes than we do.

Everyone knows this country is fucked. Everyone knows Israel's efforts at catching up with the genocidal efforts of the inheritors of Nazi science is fucked. In fact, everyone knows everything is fucked here and pretty much everywhere else and that it has been fucked for a very long time.

The question is not whether people fail to realise that everything is fucked, but what it is that we, as ordinary members of the peasant, working classes, can do about any of it given the lack of any opposition or leaders to lead us from the mire. The only sensible answer that seems to present itself time and time again is "Anything that it is within your power to do." We all know what's wrong and why it is wrong, because only an idiot could fail to see, and we all know that we can no longer expect someone else to sort it out on our behalf.

In order to globalise the resistance to the corporate globalisation for which no human price is to great to pay, resistance must first be localised. For that to happen, us plebs need to start working together, remembering we're all in the same wage-slave boat, and being the changes that we want to see, in every aspect of our lives, and taking back the power to govern our own lives and run our communities in the ways that serve us all best. This involves dismantling the manifold illegitimate institutions, rules and regulations which are actively against the public interest and building in their place what should have been there first time around.

The unnatural combined force of private property, ownership and capital which conspire against the benign universal force of human nature in us all, cannot hope to survive unless it first annhiliates every last glimmer of humanity on the planet. The ruling classes will of course endeavour to manifest the anniliation of humanity which guarantees their perpetuity as long as the planet will sustain their parasitic way of life but, as they ramp up the stakes in the game, those upon whom they are reliant to perpetrate that annihilation have no choice but to wake up to the true nature of the masters they serve.

When this happens, the Israeli air force will begin to deliberately miss their assigned targets for the increasingly legitimate fear of suffering the consequences of being found guilty of war crimes, the families of soldiers commanded to their deaths will unite in their condemnation and opposition to the forces of state that have prematurely stolen away from them their loved ones, demanding the guilty be jailed for their heinous crimes against us all and even the politicians, party and state officials who have repeatedly failed the populations they profess to serve, will dare to speak the truth and their minds, rebel and revolt against all that is wrong.

Stef said...

@shahid & antogonist

I stand corrected.

People are just trying to get by. Here in the UK and elsewhere.

Though looking at the flow of events at home and abroad I suspect a lot of us are going to find even that modest ambition harder and harder to achieve...

Shahid said...

Don't get me wrong Stef, I bought your sentiment for some time, but I'm beginning to realise that being this awake is both a gift and a curse that not everyone is cut out for.

Does the average Israeli know what's going on and deserve to die? No. Even though up until recently, I've been vocal in hoping that Tel Aviv get struck and Israel suffers. The Palestinians don't deserve it.

People who voted Blair in deserve no more than the toilet-seeing-to that the Mayor in Fight Club got. Not less, but not much more.

We are doomed to suffer. That is our lot. In our short time, all we can do is to call injustice for what it is and do our best to help the oppressed in any way we can.

And The Antagonist - your reply was one of the most beautifully incendiary pieces I've read in years.

David said...

I'm not biblical but haved seen wars and rumours of wars all my life, each and every one being the closest one to the second world war until the next.

But the killings in Rwanda, Congo, Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc etc are hundreds of times more serious than Lebanon but who bothers to report them except the much maligned Daily Mail?
The media, if anyone is well and truly fucked as they are there to please the punters, not inform them. That's why blogs are far preferable.

Shahid said...

David, you're right about the other wars. The reason they are not (cynically) reported as widely is because those wars are far less likely to lead to the end of the world as we know it.

Christ said...

that speech was very timely considering what's occured today, mothers must now test their baby milk incase it's poisoned before they board a plane a Heathrow.......

Postman said...

How nasty can these bastards get ... suicide baies ! Exploding infants... the jaw drops.

Are we supposed to believe this shit ?

Stef said...

@postman: sadly, I fear, yes

@david: There's a universal law that states that the level of interest shown by the Western media in any given conflict is inversely proportional to the colour of the participants' skin multiplied by the amount of oil in the ground underneath them

@shahid: "We do your laundry, cook your food and serve you dinner. We guard you while you sleep. We drive your ambulances. Do not fuck with us" ... if only