Friday, August 04, 2006


Whilst on the subject of forgetting to take your Lithium and sitting in a room surrounded by thousands of newspapers trying to tease out hidden connections between stories, how about these two entirely unconnected stories which hit the wires round about the same time yesterday -

Forest Gate shooting ruled accidental

Terror raid victim faces arrest over child porn images

I particularly enjoy the way that the c^nt at the Daily Telegraph who wrote the second story managed to end it with an implied whinge that the victims of the terror raid have subsequently been put up in a hotel at tax payers’ expense -

Along with their parents and two women, believed to be their sisters, they have been booked into five rooms at a Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury, central London, where single and double rooms cost £190 per night. The facilities include a pool, sauna and spa.

My guess is that, given a choice, those people would rather have not been shot, arrested on kiddie porn charges and had their house forensically dismantled than get to stay in a hotel with a pool for two months.

Kudos to the Independent Police Complaints Commission though. Its report on the Stockwell Shooting still hasn’t seen the light of day and probably won’t until next year, if ever, but it managed to wrap up the Forest Gate thing in less than two months, just in time to coincide with those kiddie porn accusations

Impressive work.

Mind you, you’ve got to be careful what connections you make and what you say on the Internet these days.

The very prolific Postman Patel toyed with the intriguing coincidence of Tony Blair’s buddy Lord Levy being kidnapped by the Metropolitan Police just before the decision whether to prosecute the Met for the Stockwell shooting was announced and his blog was blacklisted by Google in a jiffy.

Of course, the problem with coincidences is that you can never be sure can you?

And you end up having to make ‘calls’ based on your own personal world view; or rather the world view of the group of people most successful in imprinting their memes on your squishy, impressionable brain when it first started trying to make sense of the World.

One thing we can all agree on though is that the Internet is a very bad thing indeed. International terrorism or child porn, what’s the difference anyway? Those beardies at Forest Gate were clearly into some kind of heinous, Internet-based shit and it’s the sacred responsibility of our Guardians to find out what it was.

Remember -

Internet bad

Newspapers, police and politicians good

Nice newspapers, police and politicians protect Mongo from naughty Internet

Mongo like newspapers, police and politicians

Mongo not ask too many questions and go shopping instead

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