Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things could very possibly get worse

I’ve just noticed that someone at a site called Blogdial has picked up on and commented on a couple of posts I wrote last year.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out how to register with Blogdial and am unable to comment there. So, I’m jotting down my response here in case the person who commented on my posts stops by again.


One of my offending posts suggested that allowing a big supermarket chain like Tescos to stand for election as a political party would be a most excellent idea. The other post berated the majority of those on the ‘Left’ of British politics for getting so steamed up about something as trivial as the Poll Tax whilst subsequently permitting the ruling Labour party to get away with the most outrageous attacks on our civil liberties, waging wars of aggression overseas and corporatising every aspect of our lives without barely raising a mouse fart in protest.

In fact, I believe I described the majority of British Left Wingers as being ‘wankers’.

Yes, now that I’ve thought about it, I definitely used the word wankers.

And one year on I still stand by every word, including the one beginning with w.


Back when Labour won power in 1997 a close friend of mine said to me ‘One day that creep Blair will be the most hated man in the country. You might not believe me now but he will’.

Actually, I did believe him.

There’s a popular fiction being bandied around now that our current government is making such a mess of so many things, whilst simultaneously oozing arrogance and corruption, simply as the result of it being in power so long.


The New Labour government was bent from the first day it took power.

It’s just taken a lot of people this long to notice.

And the truth is that nothing much will change, whoever takes over from Blair or New Labour.

And the problem for people on the Left is that they fucking well know it.

What’s on offer, whoever is Prime Minister and whichever political party is in power, is the same old shit stretching out into the future as far as the mind’s eye can see…

  • More corporate control over public services and utilities
  • More debt
  • The prospect of one real bastard of a recession just around the corner
  • Endless war
  • The constant promise of ecological catastrophe

The last fear in particular is a globalist masterstroke in my humble opinion. Getting people to shit themselves about oil and gas running out whilst at the same time getting the same people to shit themselves about carbon emissions as well – sheer bloody genius.

I sense a growing feeling that people, particularly people on the Left, realise that they’ve all been had and they haven’t the faintest idea what to do about it or who to turn to.

The chances of there being any post-election celebrity wankfests in the Millennium Dome or masses of duped Muppets singing along to ‘Things can only get better’ in the foreseeable future seem somewhat, er, remote.

From what I can tell from this side of the pond, Americans seem to have the same problem as well.

So, now what are we all going to do?

Me, I’m all for putting Tescos in charge. At least they don't fuck up so often and their ID card system includes discount vouchers.


On the subject of Tony Blair and it not mattering very much who is supposed to be running things at any given time, I was simply thrilled by this article in the San Francisco Chronicle about what Tony and his globalist chums are getting up to this weekend in San Francisco -

Still, what could be the most fascinating event of the schedule will be mostly out of the public eye: Blair's visit to the retreat held by Murdoch, the media mogul. A five-page memo leaked to the Los Angeles Times this week said the very private retreat is being held at the Inn at Spanish Bay in golf-rich Pebble Beach, where attendees can work on their handicaps or hit some of the incredible seminars on tap.

Among the offerings on the list, according to the Times, are "Islam and the West" with (Shimon) Peres; "The Power of One" by Bono; "Meet the MySpace Generation,'' a "live focus group" exploring attitudes of today's youth; a talk on America's political divide by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; nontraditional business approaches by Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane and even a town hall-style gathering presided over by Clinton, who the Times said is appearing gratis -- without the usual $100,000 speaking fee.

What the article doesn’t mention is that the last weekend in July sees the annual Cremation of Care festival at nearby Bohemian Grove where many of the people who manipulate our lives get together, have a few beers, dress up in bedsheets and make mock child sacrifices to a 35ft tall concrete owl god. Unless Tony is planning to have a quiet night in with Cherie whilst everyone else pops off to the party, I’d guess that there’s a reasonable chance he’s standing in front of Mr Owl, dressed like a like a total nonce, round about (looks at watch)… now.


Daniel said...

Great Post! :)

Chipps said...

Blair is prolly looking to follow in Aznar's tiny footsteps.

David said...

You have rarely if ever stated directly whether you are actually anti Blair as you are far to the left of him, (as are the Lib Dems) but I presume that to be the case.
I, however, am against him as he is a slimy megalomaniac creep and I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, with the random element (as with red Ken) being I do agree with his views on Israel. But they are just for America's benefit, he probably doesn't follow his own.