Saturday, February 12, 2005

So, that's over with

Well, I managed to get through my significant birthday without too many traumas. I am now officially middle-aged. Halfway there now. If I'm lucky. Time to work harder at making the most of it all methinks.
Re, the link to the cartoon site I posted earlier on. I know it's naughty but I've collected 20 of my favourite cartoons somewhere safe, just in case ...
I really wish I could draw ...


Geek's Girl said...

Very belated birthday wishes Stef - hope it was a great day for you!

All the best for the year ahead.


Geek's Girl

Anonymous said...

Yes happy 40th Stef. One of mines comming up on Thursday.


Stef said...

Cheers guys, thanks

Yes, Noel, am aware of your forthcoming anniversary and spent an evening last week weaving something for you. Don't be mistaken by the realistic 'Made in The Far East' labels - there's a lot of love in there. Assuming it all gets past Vauxhall sorting office ...