Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Getting a little nervous now ...

Mmmmm, someone spent 121 minutes on this blog today and accessed 33 pages.
Yesterday, a different PC spent 23 minutes on this blog and accessed 44 pages.
For some reason, I feel nervous rather than flattered.


Kate said...

Stef, have you ever timed how long it takes to read one of your posts??!

They probably read a post each time, then flailed around looking for something shorter yet just as witty to read ... :D (Sorry.)

Stef said...

Read my own posts!


Maybe I should use a smaller font

Actually, I've just read back a few posts and they strike me as increasingly sweary rather than funny. Time to play with some puppies, sniff some flowers and read some Oscar Wilde methinks ...

Ian said...

I believe you are being watched by the Forces of Darkness Olympic Bid Success Department.
I think their time would be better spent extricating the Mayor from the hole he has created for himself, I am surpised he can put his own trousers on in the morning.
I am of course pleased by all this.

Northun Munki in Oxford Circus said...

Damn someones blog was tracking my IP address for 121 minutes yesterday - paranoid, you betchya... especially as I was at work! ;-)

Stef said...

Depends on your definition of paranoia.

I think it's reasonable to be nervous about people tracking your IP so it's not really paranoia is it? Though I'm not sure if there is a word to describe a reasonable belief that people are up to something behind your back.

Re. earlier Olympic Success Department comment. They're busy this week aren't they? I saw some blokes cleaning up Stratford a few days ago - wouldn't want the IOC to actually see what's things are really like would we. It's all like some bullshit school inspection where your school knows about it weeks in advance. Total fecking nonsense.