Friday, February 04, 2005

Paul-Friendly post

Borough Market - Lock Stock filming location and a red rag to a photographic bull
Just returned from swift beer with a couple of old work colleagues. One of them, let's call him Paul, everyone else does, mentioned that he does read my blog on occasions but that the posts were on the long side and not really accessible in the context of a few grabbed minutes as part of an, admittedly, busy working day.
He had a point and I promised to include a larger proportion of Paul-Friendly posts in future. Then, on the way home, I thought about the problem a little bit more and here's my revised solution ...
Get your wife to read them. She does everything else for you anyway
Actually, that's a bit harsh. It was clear Paul wanted to cover my round on account of me being out of work. Next time I'll ask him for the money instead.
Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week ...


Geek's Girl said...

For Paul: Um, here's the thing. There is plently of five-line drivel doing double duty as a blog entry on the net and suitable for reading during your busy work day. Save reading Stef's blog for when you are home, where you can sit back with a cuppa and enjoy.

Stef said...

Why, thank you very much (I typed that in an Elvis accent but it probably doesn't come across).

The thing is Paul's wife does everything at home, so she'd probably end up browsing my site for him anyway, and make the cuppa.

He does have a point though. As a style, anry(ish) old(ish) man should be applied sparingly. The weather doesn't help. I keep walking outdoors looking for daisies to photograph and contemplate, and all I see is dead daisies, grey clouds, grafitti and armed rapid response police units. I started typing a blog today about immigration, stopped, and thought 'Give it a rest Stef'. Well, for a day or two anyway.

Ah well, Spring will be here soon ...

Right, off to visit your blog for a bit. Haven't been there for a few days