Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fame at last #2

Wifi Point Peckham
Woke up this afternoon and noticed a mass of trade on my Flickr account of London photos. It turns out that I received a favourable mention on this site
This is the Internet equivalent of getting a plug on a major talk show. I should be chuffed at the compliment.
A fair bit of traffic has spilled over onto this blog as a consequence. Just in time to catch an 'interesting' stream of posts, including an account of me getting my crown jewels trapped in the bath and an extended anti science tract that presents me as some kind of Amish style luddite.
Timing, as they say, is everything.
Right, I'm off to write a blog entry that would have made Hunter S Thompson and Ernest Hemingway shoot themselves with envy then, afterwards, I might post some of my good London pictures on Flickr, rather than some tatty old rejects ;-) ...
(PS Thanks for the plug JenH, whoever and wherever you might be)


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'm glad you're getting so much exposure - your work is fantastic! Looking forward to more! Cheers!

(btw - I was originally referred to your work by this link

Stef said...

Thanks again.

I read Boing Boing all the time and it was a real thrill to see one of my pictures there.

Results so far - 21,000 hits on the Flickr pages, which lead to about 120 hits through to this blog. Of those 120, about 80 clicked-off straight away and the remaining 40 were probably confused ;-)


zenyenta said...

Congratulations. Timing is everything, and clearly it was your time for some recognition. Who knows where that leads, but it's gotta be a good thing.

Stef said...

Yes you're right - I'm happy that I attracted some 'trade' and am still chuckling about it a few days later ...