Monday, August 25, 2008

Bread and Circuses

Anyone who knows a little about the kind of fruity little clubs and belief systems popular with our ruling classes will have some sympathy with Lord Patel's reservations about the corporate-sponsored wankfest that was yesterday's Olympic handjobover ceremony...

C'mon Everybody!! Let's have a Visa™ party!!

All that choreographed veneration of flags and torches is entirely reminiscent, and not accidentally, of
Nazi Era iconography, and something much older than that

Coincidentally, as part of a personal regime to get fit enough to qualify for a visa to get the fuck out of here long before the Illuminated Fascistic Horror that will be London 2012, I walked down the length of the River Lea in East London and through the 2012 Olympic site a couple of days ago

There's a lot of building work going on and plenty of publicity material slapped up on the walls to remind passers-by, or rather not remind passers by, of the massive exercise in dissonant doublethink which has the likes of McDonalds, Coke and Visa investing heavily in sponsoring an event which purports to represent everything that they are not

Official Olympic 'Partner' logos

Not Official Olympic 'Partner' logo

Whilst in the area I checked out Hackney Marshes, home to no less than 88 full size amateur league football pitches and arguably London's most iconic monument to the supposed Olympian amateur sporting ideal - something which wasn't lost on Nike...

The fact that the Marshes are going to be smothered in delicious concrete and turned into a car park for the Olympics says it all really

Cue the Joni Mitchell...

...though comparing Hackney Marshes with Paradise might be pushing things, just a little



The woman on the lapham Omnibus said...

From yer Wiki link abaht the 'ackney Marshes .."This has caused some controversy with local residents' groups who have expressed concerns that East Marsh is to be tarmaced and used as a disabled coach park for the games. This is a temporary measure, and promises are in place for their complete restoration, after the games, together with considerable investment to improve facilities for amateur sport on the marshes.

Why, Yes , of course , you can hear it now. Deep foundations required for a coach park, can' t just rip it up, like that, expense, who will pay ?

(Draws breath in over teeth( OH dear Oh dear who put this in ?

Probbly the Athlete's village will make an ideal prison space by then - a suitable "legacy"

Love the logo.

Anonymous said...

the bad language on this site would be deplorable to some people,my wife for example hates it when i say Fuck,,I like to say fuck makes me feel good for a nano second,,the angrier I am the more Fucks per second fly out my mouth like a physics lab ticker tape experiment.

Some people equate foul mouths with a low intellect or a poor moral character.This may be so in some cases but I was consoled somewhat recently to find out that Mozart liked to swear.

Mozart died in 1791 and his widow, Constanze Mozart, sent the manuscripts of the canons to publishers Breitkopf & Härtel in 1799, saying that they would need to be adapted for publication. The publisher changed the title and lyrics of this canon to the more acceptable "Laßt froh uns sein" ("Let us be glad!"), similar to the traditional German Christmas carol, "Lasst uns froh und munter sein". Of Mozart's original text, only the first words were documented in a catalogue of his works.[5]

A new text version, which may have been the authentic one, came to light in 1991. Handwritten texts to this and several other similar canons were found added to a printed score of the work in an historical printed edition acquired by Harvard University's Music Library. They had evidently been added to the book by a later hand. However, since in six of the pieces these entries matched texts that had, in the meantime, independently come to light in original manuscripts, it was hypothesised that the remaining three may, too, have been original, including texts for K231 ("Leck mich im Arsch" itself), and another Mozart work, "Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schön sauber" ("Lick my arse nice and clean",).[6] Later research has indicated that the latter composition is probably the work of Wenzel Trnka

I showed this to my wife (who is German)

so there you have it folks.Us foul mouthed fuckers need not worry.

Anonymous said...

oh the link

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Leni Refenstahl directing the BBC blanket ram-it-down-our-throat coverage isn't it?

Desmond Nibelungen said...

@anon 16:12

don't forget Wagner

Stef said...

@anon 16:18

Yup, Leni doing what she does best on outside broadcasts and Josef Goebbels sticking to his strengths in Light Entertainment and Drama

Yummmm, State Broadcastingtastic

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to Wagner's ring,,,I was particularly struck by the first customer review and I quote---

"As implied by the title, this collection probes deeply into Wagner's vast Ring piece. Accusations of anti-semitism make Wagner's Ring a sensitive area today, but it continues to offer pleasure to many. This is a masterful work of musical scholarship that deserves a place on any sturdy shelf. No doubt it will influence appreciation of Wagner's Ring for many years to come. Among the highlights is the revealing chapter on the many characters than Wagner has managed to cram into his Ring- from fearsome giants Fafner and Fasolt to dwarf-brothers Alberich and Mime. Also covered are the brass instruments that Wagner designed specifically for insertion within the Ring. There will always be those who are opposed to musical analysis (just the same as there will always be those who resort to juvenile humour, regarding the title). They may suggest that Wagner's Ring is 'violated' with excessive force of scholarship. For this reviewer, however, Wagner's Ring remains quite intact and is indeed tightened by the exploration. In short, this stimulating venture in and out of Wagner's Ring has resulted in a seminal, fluid output."

lots a double entendres there!

Anonymous said...

NIST Video: The Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Building Fell


Stef said...

well, it looks like someone's going to have to remake this golden oldie

Anonymous said...

Britain is BIG and Strong and BIG influence in the world,,the Empire is not dead its just hibernating sort of!

todays odd psyops BBC healines are

UK population 'will be top in EU'
A crowd of people
The UK population is projected to become the largest in the EU

The UK population is set to become the largest in the European Union, according to a report.

It is expected to increase from its current figure of 61 million to almost 77 million in 2060 - a rise of 25%.

well fuck me ,who would have thought it!

Mr Miliband also warned the Russian president not to start a new Cold War.
UK urges tough response to Russia
The UK foreign secretary calls for "hard-headed engagement" with
Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

yep bet Putin is shittin himself

Lady on the Clapham Omnibus said...

The FCIO have just issued a oint statement along with the G8-1 = G7 which says inter alia

"We reassert our strong and continued support for Georgia's sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders and underline our respect and support for the democratic and legitimate government of Georgia as we pursue a peaceful, durable solution to this conflict."

The bit "we also support the right of a bunch of fucking gangsters to run Kosovo because we need camp Bondsteel etc etc.," .." and how ese to we fiddle Srbia into EU/NATO , Boy Scouts"

... seems unaccountably to have been edited out - or redacted as my friends in pinstripes and Lincoln's Inn put it.

Parapacem said...

Big yellow taxi - Top 10 hit in all starbucks :-)