Monday, November 20, 2006

Still, it could be worse

A little while after making the last post I spent a happy half hour reading up on samogon (moonshine) production in Russia.

And, for the record, I have tried it and it scares me.

I have enough problems with my vision and mental well-being as it is.

Anyway, on my travels I discovered that moonshine production is actually legal in New Zealand

Like, wow, that explains so much.

It’s all so obvious now.

Sadly, along with the flesh-eating sandflies that make all those stunning photographs of miles of empty beaches possible, this aspect of the New Zealand experience is shockingly absent from official tourism materials.

Sandfly Alley

An introduction to the exciting and cost-saving world of moonshine production can be found here, including a link to an outfit which tries to shake the popular association of illicit spirit production with heavily-armed insane old men by the simple expedient of draping bikini clad women all over their distillation equipment. Sadly, the images are also plastered with copyright notices so I won't reproduce them here as my mama didn't bring up no fools and only a fool would want to tempt fate by crossing a psychotic Russian Oligarch and a bunch of heavily-armed insane old moonshiners all on the same day.

Instead, how about this beauty

Per the accompanying blurb...

Bob’s MoonWater Still - This is a real proven unit and works very effeciently. The real jouney for fun begins when you run off your first batch. It will change your life forever. It will create great memories that will last a life-time."

It plays havoc with your spelling though

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Apprentice said...

Reasons to emigrate part #95, eh?

Deserted beaches are great although ours are freezing cold today. Sleet. I kid you not. But I'd rather that than have my legs bitten off.