Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Wise One speaks...

They are not a logical race, Wise One! They go around chopping down trees for tables, when they have perfectly good tummies to eat on. How logical is that?!

Otter Leader: Yes! The great Dawkins said we cannot tolerate those who don't use reason! How reasonable is it to eat off wood instead of your tummy?

Wise One: Well perhaps the great Dawkins wasn't so wise. Oh, he was intelligent, but, some of the most intelligent otters I've ever known were completely lacking in common sense. Maybe, some otters do need to believe in something. Who knows? Maybe, just believing in God makes God exist.

Otter Soldiers: Kill the Wise One!

Comedy Gold - as was this...

of course dear old Dickie is famous for not taking himself too seriously so I'm sure he giggled along with the rest of us


de said...

Find it here before the great Google otter removes it.

Stef said...

alternatively here

though in a less immediately accessible form