Saturday, November 18, 2006

Strictly for Evolution nerds only

Inspired by this post and accompanying graphic on Boing Boing ...

...and a spirited come-back to an earlier post of mine on the subject of evolution

...and some alcohol

I've decided to craft my own versions

It is, I think apparent, that I've plumped for quantity rather than quality and really shouldn't try to manipulate images in public places whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Nevertheless, I shall use them to taunt my favourite on-line evolutionists on the morrow. There are already more than enough people taking the piss out of creationists out there and I feel that it is my sacred duty to do my small part to maintain homeostasis.

Not that homeostasis needs any kind of intelligent input or design, obviously.

Hark, is that a voice from the next room I hear asking me what the fuck I'm doing still up at this time of night ...

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