Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dialogue with Islam and other Urban myths

I just received this in my inbox


i read your blog on Mark urban - you may interested on the following event

Is Islam a Threat to The West?

In a YouGov survey in August 2006 53% of those questioned felt that Islam and Muslims posed a threat to Western liberal democracy.

Why do such a large number feel this is so?

Has the frequently negative media attention upon Islam and Muslims been a cause of creating this fear and mistrust in society?

Or have sensitivities raised about reporting controversial issues meant the free criticism and debate has been curtailed?

Does talking about these issues in the emotive press headlines, generated by such a poll increase alienation or help understand it?

To discuss this and other issues Dialogue with Islam have invited the following distinguished panel

Charles Moore, former Editor of Daily Telegraph
James O’ Brien, LBC Radio Presenter
Humera Khan, An Nisa Society,
Abdul-Raheem Green, Regents Park Mosque

Chair: Mark Urban, Diplomatic Editor of BBC Newsnight

Wednesday 15th November 2006
Time: 6.15pm

Venue: Conway Hall,
25 Red Lion Square,
London WC1

Tube: Holborn

Tickets £3 reservation (by email or phone) or £5 at the door.

Phone: 07983749252

My original post about Mark Urban (not linked or quoted because I've just reread it and it's boring) was prompted by old Mark acting like a spooky wee bastard immediately after the 7/7 bombings - popping onto Newsnight most nights, quoting his unidentified contacts in the security forces and doing his bit to gently ease media coverage of the 7/7 story away from any suggestion that the four alleged bombers may have been patsies.

What's particularly funny to me is the fact that I just Googled 'Mark Urban' and my original blog post came up as number three in the results

Hi Mark!

I still think you're a spooky wee bastard

And as for the answer to the question...

Why do such a large number of people feel that Islam is a threat to the West?

... it isn't particularly tricky and is the same as the answer to these other, not entirely unrelated, questions -

  • Why did such large numbers of people feel that the Soviet Union was a threat to the West?
  • Why did such large numbers of people feel that Vietnam was a threat to the West?
  • Why will such large numbers of people feel that China is a threat to the West?

i.e. Because they were/ are/ will be told to

A more interesting question would be -

Why are such large numbers of people being told to feel that Islam is a threat to the West?

... lots of very interesting answers to that particular poser. I reckon Mark could come up with one or two.

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