Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ludicrous Diversion redux

Back in September an anonymous video called Ludicrous Diversion appeared on Google Video.

Ludicrous Diversion is a half-hour long summary of many of the key reasons why some of us out here retain serious doubts about the official narrative of the London Bombings.

In terms of its factual content there was little to quibble about but it was released anonymously, is quite professional looking and teeters dangerously close to the brink of qualifying as fear porn. There’s a lot of fear porn around these days, particularly on the Internet. Material that paints a picture of Dark Forces at work in our World that are so ruthless and so powerful that there is nothing ordinary people can do to stop them

Remember, Resistance is Futile - and now for some other important messages from our sponsors...

The current undisputed King of Internet Fear Porn is
this bloke here...

Personally, the scariest thing about Alex Jones' work to me is the fact that he is only 32. If you ever watch one of his videos or listen to him on the radio you’ll swear that he’s about 55 and an old 55 at that. What has he been doing to himself?

No, scratch that question. I really don't want to know the answer.

Incidentally, Alex Jones' team are currently doing sterling work on the Litvinenko poisoning and have established without any shadow of a doubt that the person behind it was... Vladimir Putin. Which is another, admittedly small, reason to at least think about looking elsewhere for potential culprits.

That's not to say I'm not a heavy user of Alex Jones' material. His sites frequently include some real pearls such as this picture of spiffy new insignia being used by some British policemen posted here...

but I never forget that any Jedi Grand Master of Bullshit knows that the True Path to Disenlightenment requires selling a carefully crafted package of 95% truth, 5% dung.

Anyway, a few of us out here in etherspace had lingering doubts about the intentions of the producers of Ludicrous Diversion and squawked to that effect

So, it’s nice to see an interview given by Ludicrous Diversion’s makers to the people behind the July 7th Truth Campaign which has just gone up on the July 7th Truth website. They’re still anonymous and the essentially pessimistic nature of their film is not denied but as the makers say…

The public has already, for the most part, put the bombings behind them. The media obstinately refuse to reopen or requestion the London bombings. The British army is still entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the powers of the police are seemingly extended every week – most recently with the announcement of fingerprint scans by traffic police, the installation of iris scans at several UK airports, and the absurd ID card scheme which is little more than an appalling theft of huge amounts of tax payers money at a time when hospitals and schools are closing all across the UK.

We believe it is essential for us all to accept now that the absolute truth of the London bombings will never be revealed beyond reasonable doubt. The important thing is to make people understand that what can be revealed is still worth revealing, not least the completely illegitimate role of the media in creating the official story, the mindset of the police that the public are not entitled to see the evidence, but should accept what they are told on trust, and the obstinate refusal of the government to present even a pretence of a proper investigation into the worst attack on British soil since the second world war.

And if you're one of those members of the public who hasn’t put the bombings behind them and have already watched Ludicrous Diversion it’s still worth opening up the video on Google again just to read through some of the comments left by a hardworking, but intellectually challenged, shill down the right hand side. For example...

Hannif - How dare you besmirch my wonderous brothers, who gave their lives in martydom acts for all oppressed muslims everywhere.

Izadeen - the prophet will reward July 7 martys for their wonderful acts, and your stupid conspiracys will not take a way their sacrifice. We will slit you like pigs on the day of our rising

Dhul Fiqar - Blair can pay you to make this rubish to deny the great sacrifice of my muslim brothers, but all your laws will not stop us. We will revence.

Qasim - This is another Blair trick to deny what Muslims were willing to do. You will see us again and then your lies will be exposed

Yeah right, I so definitely believe that four psychotic whitey-hating jihadists watched the video and left four separate comments that reinforce War on Terror cliches within an hour of each other.

So, let's just say that a healthy degree of scepticism, be it with the comments accompanying a video or the video itself, is never a bad idea.

And you’ve got to ask yourself, what kind of person would make up stuff like that or, more to the point, why?


Daniel77 said...

Seen that LD Take a look at

Can't say know how long it will be up for so try and take it in soon

Of course, forward the url to persons/ orgs you know want the facts on 77 we already know the truth.


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an interesting looking site but you need to straighten the links out before I can point people to it