Monday, September 06, 2004

Why your job is sh*t

Kaikoura, NZ
The other thing I do, aside from taking pictures, is slap up essays/ rants/ polemics about whatever keeps me awake at night. For several months now I've been trying to figure out what to do to pay the bills after finally throwing the towel in on what I used to do for a living. Identifying a new career path has not been an easy process because, let's be honest here, almost all jobs are pointless. Those jobs that aren't pointless don't pay very much, particularly if you live in London. Finding a job that has real purpose should be important to everyone. If your job has no real meaning and purpose then, to an large extent, a part of your own existence has no meaning and purpose. Most people don't ponder this problem directly but in their hearts they know it to be true which is why so many people are so miserable and bitter these days; particularly here in the UK, which gets even more commercial and nihilistic which each passing day. Anyway, my take on the world of work can be found here ...

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