Friday, September 10, 2004


The Joy of Decks

The weather forecast for this week was good. So we decided to go on a daytrip to the seaside to take advantage of what was likely to be the last day of what has been a very indifferent summer.

We toyed with visiting Brighton for a few minutes but settled on Eastbourne in the end. I wanted to take pictures and, of all the seaside resorts within comfortable daytripping distance of London, Eastbourne rules supreme in terms of sheer wrinkliness and the despair that comes with old age. It didn't disappoint, not for one second of our time there. Don't get me wrong. I openly admit to wanting to become an extremely old person one day. A daily life filled with incontinence and grumbling is not too far from how I live now and it's miles better than the alternative career path. Pictures and a field report can be found here ...

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