Thursday, September 16, 2004

Any wife of mine who doesn't like it AWO must die ... in France

Prince Charles - all dressed up and ready for a damned fine Saturday night out ...

Now's as good a time as any to make reference to a page I wrote some time ago but hasn't quite made it into the search engine indexes. In a shameless attempt to increase my home page's web profile I wrote a page that summarises the allegations made against HRH Prince Charles that have been pretty effectively scrubbed from the media. Of course the story as it stands is composed of a series of unverified allegations but given that Charlie and Co. have trampled all over the media it's unlikely that they ever will be given the chance to be properly investigated ...
The media blackout covering the Prince Charles story is but nothing compared to the story about several senior Labour MPs, including two ex cabinet ministers, being named in the Operation Ore child pornography investigation and the related story about the Dunblane Massacre Enquiry documents being held secret for 100 years because another couple of senior Labour figures were involved somehow. That is proving a tricky one to uncover but I'm working on it. That's if a couple of burly geezers in balaclavas don't visit me at home first (I'm open to modest bribery, honestly).

PS So far, I've to excluded Tony Blair and David Blunkett from my list of potential kiddy smut downloaders; Blunkett on the basis that he's well, er, blind and Tony because he undoubtedly users a mirror to arouse himself.

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