Sunday, September 12, 2004

Maltese High Explosives in Victoria

Bishops and small children cower in fear of the awesome power of Maltese fireworks ...

Saw a Maltese Religious and Cultural Procession around Westminster Cathedral yesterday. It wasn't very well attended and it made our equivalent Italian procession look like a model of efficient Teutonic organisation. However, this event did feature a series of really enormous explosions which made up for any other shortcomings.

We walked home through Pimlico and Millbank, just skirting Westminster. Given that it was September 11th there were a lot of police hanging around on the streets, armed to the teeth. They were packing real gun fetishist wet-dream stuff; Glock pistols and HK5 machine guns - evil looking matt black affairs with Maglites clamped under the barrel. So much for the unarmed British Bobby.

The first aim of terrorism is the affect the daily life of the target population, out of all proportion to your own efforts. That being the case, whoever the terrorists really are - Al Qaeda, the CIA or Mossad, whoever - they've won.

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