Monday, September 27, 2004

Nonsense security

Range of House of Commons from St Thomas' Hospital

Did you know that the effective combat range of an RPG7 rocket launcher against a motionless target is 500-700m? Did you also know that the House of Commons is 300-350m from St Thomas' Hospital, along a completely clear line of sight? Did you also know that security at St Thomas' is as good as the security in other UK Hospitals i.e. abysmal?

What's my point? For three years I have seen a huge increase in the number of police carrying machine pistols on the street, hundreds of innocent Muslims have been arrested then subsequently released, people have been imprisoned without charge or trial, identity cards are to be imposed on the British people, CCTV cameras line every street and building, a week doesn't go by without a doom-laden TV drama about the perils we face, plus countless of other nonsense initiatives have been thrust on us in the name of the War on Terror. I have seen images of tanks driving around Heathrow Airport, presumably prepared to open fire on the crowded departures lounges at the merest suggestion of a terrorist presence (the original intelligence actually identified Gatwick as the possible target but, hey, what's 40-50 miles amongst friends).

Yet, somehow, protestors have recently penetrated the House of Commons at will on several occasions and unvetted illegal immigrants, doing cleaning jobs, have access to our public buildings and transport infrastructure, including airports.

I can't board a plane with a keyring-sized pair of nail clippers, yet I can board with a pocket full of matches and cigarette lighters holding a carrier bag full of glass bottles of duty frees which don't necessarilly contain Baileys. If I travel Business Class I have access to metal cutlery and glasses or I could spend a couple of minutes in the toilet fashioning myself a cheeky little weapon out of a broken mirror and a torn shirt.

etc. etc.

I suppose I run a risk of someone from Special Branch visiting me if they chance upon this blog at some point in the future. Maybe I shouldn't run that risk by even posting this for a handful of people to read. But the point is, if the risk at St Thomas' was controlled there would still be countless other opportunities for terrorists, real or imagined, to do harm. You just can't stop it. The only way to deal with terrorism is to not let it affect your life and address any genuine grievances that started them off in the first place. Everyone knows that. So why is that f***ing bell-end Tony Blair doing the exact opposite?

The minds behind 9/11 could wipe out our Government or a swathe of the UK general public at will. That much is obvious. That means our Government is either run by total bloody idiots or, they don't really believe in the threat at all and all those costly 'security' measures are bullshit intended to scare their own people and make a few people a lot of money or more powerful. What do you think the answer is?


Yorokobi Assaiki said...

While it sounds a bit more "in your face" on your side of the pond, here in the US it's somewhat the same thing.

In my eyes it's an mix of evil men from abroad and within attempting to seize power for personal gain.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no matter how much they do, or try to do, or claim to do, if there is someone who wants to harm us badly enough, they will.

Our governments current attempts remind me of the 1950s campaigns where they taught children that desks, lockers, and curbs could save them from an atomic bomb blast.

Assuming we survive, one day we'll look back on these days with the same incredulity.

Stef said...

Yup, can't disagree with any of that

And, hopefully, if we do come out the other end maybe we'll learn a few things this time