Friday, September 17, 2004

Parable of the week ...

Why indeed ...

I was chatting with Tracy this evening about how I believe that we are presented with choices in life, not as a random process but as part, of some kind of Divine training simulator for the soul. Tracy doesn't believe all that nonsense but she told me an old joke that I hadn't heard before which tickled me and summed up my attitude nicely. Strangely she's known that joke for the 10 years I've known her and she hasn't told me it before. Maybe it's some kind of omen? Anyway, here it is ...

A man leaps off a sinking ship and is swimming in the water. A lifeboat comes by and the people on board yell to him to get on.

'No', says the man, 'God will rescue me'

A few minutes later a second lifeboat comes by. Again, the people on board yell at the man to get on board.

'No', says the man, 'God will rescue me'

An hour or two passes then a helicopter flies over. The rescuers lower a rope and call down to the man to grab hold.

'No', says the man, 'God will rescue me'

No-one else comes by and the man eventually drowns. He ascends into Heaven and is welcomed by God.

'God', asks the man, 'I'm a true believer. Why didn't you rescue me?'

God says 'I sent you two lifeboats and a helicopter what more did you want?'

The trick is, of course, recognising the lifeboat when it comes by ... and no, I'm not thinking about a career in the priesthood.

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