Friday, September 10, 2004

911 Conspiracies

Osama Bin Laden

Channel 4 screened a 'documentary' last night that was supposed to objectively discuss the plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. It was a disgraceful piece of television making and relied on selective editing, careful selection of the theories discussed and outright lies to debunk the notion that anything untoward happened on 9/11. Maybe there was no conspiracy but there are dozens or valid questions and concerns that the program wilfully ignored. It wasn't simple incompetence at work the program was too skewed for that to be the reason.

The program director, Polly Morland, attended a web chat hosted by C4 immediately afterwards and that was equally disgraceful. Dozens of valid and legitimate questions were ignored by the moderator and only pap was presented to Ms Morland - even with that assistance she still was obliged to bullshit her way through the session.

I then had a quick look at the annual accounts for the production company responsible for this junk, 'Mentorn'. Mentorn produces high quality shows such as Britain's Worst Driver, Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver, Britain's Worst Husband etc etc. No indication that they're considering Britain's Worst Documentary Production Company. The accounts also show that Mentorn produces a lot of material for Rupert Murdoch's Fox Corporation. Which explains what took place last night.

It really is quite remarkable how any suggestion that governments and corporations act in an underhand way is labelled as a 'conspiracy theory' i.e. insane, yet the majority of people have happily swallowed the idea of a shadowy criminal mastermind controlling a global, ghost-like, terror network from an underground base in Central Asia. Yeah, that's really, really believable.

You really do not have to be a conspiracy nut to realise that our media and government are completely controlled by a handful of wicked men. Taking 9/11 as an example there really has been no public debate, except on the Internet, about the mass on inconsitancies and lies that surrounded the attack. Watching what took place last night has convinced me beyond doubt that the 'factual' media is utterly corrupt. It really is depressing.

Anyway, my page outlining some of the most compelling evidence for a 9/11 cover-up can be found here ...
... Ms Morland's documentary addressed none of these questions

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