Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top Ten Messiah Update

Messiah Connoisseurs the World over will be delighted to learn that the Conspiraloon™ Alliance has just released its updated Messiah Top 10 Chart

In the wake of the ritual, and tediously formulaic, humiliation of his followers on Channel 4 last night and the fact that the World has stubbornly staggered on past his predicted end date, Michael Travesser will no doubt be comforted by the fact that he has been awarded the coveted Number One spot by the UK's leading coven of Conspiralunatics and identified as this month's One True Messiah

And We should know, We've seen a few

And remember boys and girls, when not being distracted with stories of nutcases in canoes and teddy bears or being fobbed off with bullshit whilst a group of crooked fuckers plays pass the parcel with toxic banking sludge and leaches the remaining life blood out of a critically sick financial system, never forget that anyone who espouses any kind of non-material, spiritual worldview is definitely a creepy nutcase who probably touches up small children.

Remember that and then go out and buy some shit, preferably on credit

...and no, for the life of me, I cannot quite figure out how it is that Richard, Son of Bran, didn't make it into this month's Top Ten...

Warning: No Photoshop was applied to
Richard's teeth in the reproduction
of the above photograph



The Antagonist said...

Speaking of Messiahs, the representative from Policy Exchange that tried to defend the indefensible just so happens to be called Dean Son of God.

paul said...

And like the Son of God, he was persecuted by the temporal forces around him. Remember, he and his researchers "risked their lives" fabricating evidence against 3% of the population.

I wait with anticipation his, no doubt, predestined crucifixion. All for spreading a simple message of hate.

The Antagonist said...

Beautifully put, Paul.

It seems hate speech isn't a crime if you're a far-righty whitey.