Monday, December 17, 2007

My Messiah™ is better than yours♫ - a Conspiratune♫™


Vocals by Kindergarten Dalek

Video by Muncher®

It would be fair to say that some of us out here in Etherspace are none too impressed with self-styled Messiahs putting out bollocks 'truth' videos about 7/7 which can and almost certainly will be torn apart by the corporate media as a light snack before breakfast

(btw - just because I have just linked to J7 Truth's rebuttal of '7/7 Ripple Effect' that does not mean that the above video is anything to do with J7 Truth - a group of people who have spent two years painstakingly researching the events of 7/7, filing freedom of information requests, trawling through official documentation, forcing the Home Office to change its Official Narrative on the sly, boring stuff like that. To the best of my knowledge, J7 Truth is not in the business of making silly videos and leaves that sort of thing to Conspiraloons
and wannabee Messiahs with a hard-on for Alien UFOs, Crop Circles, Ancient Sumerian prophecies and any other old crap they can sling into the mix - and there appear to be plenty of them out there)



The Antagonist said...

All credit and much respect to you Mr Z for the forthright manner in which you tackle just about everything head on. Long may it continue.

Conspiro™ Rocher said...