Thursday, December 27, 2007

Channel 4's JC Christmas Special

Robert Beckwith's The Hidden Story of Jesus - one hour and forty minutes of absolutely top notch viewing imho...



Wolfie said...

We watched that too, great TV. Particularly interesting was getting the viewpoints on Christ from other religious view points. Sadly it was not a peacfeul Christmas for everyone.

Anonymous said...

have you seen 'zeitgeist' ??
covers all this and more
you can watch it on google vid or stage6

Anonymous said...

The errors in Zeitgeist are so huge as to make the film absurd. Yet people keep on recommending it!

Stef said...


re. Zeitgest

thx for the link

I love some of the factual material in the first 1/3 of the movie

Not so in love with some its conclusions

lwtc247 said...

Hi Stef.

Any Chance of you doing me a favour? Splitting that program into chunks and uploading them onto YouTube? I have a problem with downloading Google video and streaming isn't an option for me.

On YouTube there is only a 9m segment.

Torrent anyone?

Well, even though I ain't seen it yet, I know I will find contentious issues. Yes, I'm a monotheist so my perspective will always find fault with such things, but still... like Zeitgeist I appreciate sincere challenges to my perceptions (even If they havent ever resulted any shift in belief) as they help me understand further the views and argements of those who can't bring themeselves to accept God.

Shahid said...

I watched this show too. The amount of errors, especially of omission, were scary. For example, when translating one of the guys in Kashmir, he completely left out his central argument.

He also failed to cover the amount of differences of opinion there are in Islam about Christ and he also failed to make the most important point about Islam, which is that a belief in Christ's return is NOT central to the faith, it just happens to be the dominant belief.

He also missed out key components of the links between Christ and Buddhism.

He is OK, but OTT in his earnestness and he takes dangerous shortcuts which those who know a little more about the subject can pick up all too easily. If I wasn't so gracious, I might say he was intellectually dishonest, but I'll just say he took dangerous shortcuts for the sake of convenience.

Stef said...


Beckwith was also very selective about what he said during the Israeli section of the program

I too am in a gracious mood and am mindful that a program like this must have been subject to a tremendous amount of vetting

and even though I'm the first one to slag off a book or a film for being artfully selective in its content I still felt that the thrust of that particular show was distinctly different to the usual Clash of (certain) Civilisations crap which currently predominates in the mainstream

Stef said...


I'll post a link where you can download a copy of the show on your blog