Friday, September 28, 2007

Shiny Happy People

Just in case anyone doesn’t know about it yet there are only 28 hating days to go until Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week kicks off

Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble, Something's Come Along And It's Burst Our Bubble
Yeah, Yeah! Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble,
Gotta Get Home Quick March On The Double!

A quick peek at the cast list will give a fair indication of the kind of selfless, humanitarian interest groups and personalities who are behind this little party

Apparently, these interest groups and personalities are profoundly worried about the oppression of women in Islam

Yeah, and I’m fucking Danish

To mark Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week an organisation called Stop Islamisation Of Europe is planning to hold a rally in London on 26th October on the theme of Islamic Persecution…

“Persecuted minority groups likely to be represented are

Indonesian Christians

And others

There will be speakers from these groups”

A pretty broad church indeed which seems to include just about everyone except for the Cornish, probably because the Cornish couldn't bear to be in the company of so many foreigners

"Fuck Off"

I’ve never really understood what the expression Islamo-Fascism is supposed to mean. Maybe it’s the Italian, oops sorry, Danish ancestry but I’m a bit old school when it comes to defining Fascism and believe its core feature to be an unholy merger of state and corporate power

and Islam, however extreme, doesn’t qualify.

I believe the expression to be a deliberate exercise in sophistry, crafted to associate Muslims with Nazis and all the pre-packed baggage that goes with that. However, I can’t help thinking that if Islamic fundamentalists really are Fascists they have would probably have quite a lot in common with the people demonstrating against them

Fascists demonstrating against Fascists - what is the world coming to?

Maybe they should all sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a chat

Maybe they could be friends

"Do you know what Islamo-Fascist Man, we're not so different after all and together we're stronger. Now let's go and kick some Commie butt"

And this Islamisation of Europe thing does seem just a teensy wee bit overblown. It’s not as if our governments, media, banks, police forces, armies or legal systems are swarming with Muslims or even likely to be in the foreseeable future

Convenience stores and kebab shops definitely

The organs of state, financial and cultural power, um no, not really

In short, the Islamisation of Europe is lie. A chimera conjured up to distract people from the de-Islamisation of one particular part of the world and to be a focal point for their rage at all the shit that's going on around them

That’s the plan

There’s a lot to be angry about out there but Muslims aren’t responsible

And anyone thinking about joining in with this Islamo-Fascist awareness crap might want to think about who’s yanking their chain and for what reasons

... or are the objectives of a war mongering neo-con lobby and a ruling elite that demonises the lower classes as ‘chavs’, a ruling elite populated by people who view those lower classes as being only slightly less loathsome than shit on their shoe, really worth fighting for?


Rory Winter has more on this latest exercise is getting two groups of people to stand in a street yelling each other, whilst the Powers That Be get on with the serious business of fucking both groups over here



paul said...

british oppression redux? For a whole week?
I hope the 'british media' will give them as short shrift as those few malcontents who marched against the destruction of iraq

paul said...

here's the details of the anti-muslim knees up:

26th October
Assembly - Whitehall Place 12.00
Procession 13.00
Northumberland Avenue
Victoria Embankment
Under Waterloo Bridge
Temple Place

Speeches to be made in Temple Place before dispersal
Chorus of 'Roll out the gallows' (trad: cockney)

All welcome(apart from islamic types ie long beards, prosthetic hooks, hair bleach hoarders, amateur pilots, video producers, (off)white water rafters, nhs employees,backpackers,those who try to set their shoes on fire, write mad stuff in notebooks, use the 'internet', visit their family in pakistan, dress funny, have irrational fear of running out of bottled gas etc)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Stef.

I think the plot of the early 90's mini series GBH is very instructive here. It's the same old isn't it?

paul said...

It's supposed to be a nice day out but remember it could be as dangerous as a fortnight in the algarve

wow just found out abot this event, i dont know if this as been brought up already or not, but you NEED to look into security:

this event has been planned for months, and many people know it will happen, including many muslims, we are basically speaking out about islam so there is a good chance some muslim will strap a bomb to himself and run into the crowd of 50,000+ yelling something stupid.

Maybe you should divert some of the protesters and have them form a perimeter around the mass as lookouts, another option is portable lifeguard-style towers to keep watch from. The riot police that will arrive will be keeping tabs on you not roaming muslims.

From Russia with love,


paul said...

The cost of security may be high!

Rory Winter said...

Thanks, Stef, for giving this extra publicity. I have already sent warnings to Socialist Worker and StW but no reaction yet. Also sent a warning to Ken Livingstone's GLA Office.

No reaction.

So on phoning his office (0207 983 4100) I was told that it takes THREE WEEKS for it to respond to a letter, email or phone-call.


Ring up the European Commission in Brussels and someone deals with you immediately. So what's so special about the GLA which is just as bureaucratic as its predecessor the GLC was.

Except the GLC was strongly anti-racist unlike this lot who don't appear to be doing anything about dealing with this demo.

The Met, I understand, has been approached for a license by the SIOE and I expect it'll get it, knowing the Nazis that run the Met.

So what to do? The Left aren't going to counter it, the GLA isn't going to ban it as Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans did recently.

The Nazis are going to have a field day. In Brussels 200 of them ignored the ban and 150 were arrested, cuffed and dispatched in Paddy Wagons, including three MEPs whose balls, I understand, were severely compromised by the manner of arrest.

What the fachos appear to be doing is going around Europe's capitals to see where they'll be allowed to march. Brussels last 11 September, London 26 October and Marseilles on 8 December.

Once they know where they won't be stopped, they'll march in greater numbers yet. This is only the beginning and if they are not stopped or countered then London will have betrayed Cable Street, 1936.

See Ol' Macky's back in Town

Tony said...

Worried about the oppression of women in Islam?

– one-fourth of its adult women victims of forcible rape sometime in their lives, often by someone they know, including family members;

– one-third of them are victims of sexual abuse by a husband or boyfriend;

– 30% of people in the country say they know a woman who’s been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year;

– one in four of its women report being sexually molested in childhood, usually repeatedly over extended periods by a family member or other close relative;

– its women overall experience extreme levels of violence; an astonishing 75% of them are victims of some form of it in their lifetimes;

–domestic violence is their leading cause of injury and second leading cause of death;

– statistically, homes are their most dangerous place if men are in them as millions experience battering by husbands, male partners or fathers;

– for most women with children, there’s no escape for lack of means and because male assailants pursue them causing greater harm;

– adding further injury, its society is often unsupportive; it affords women second class status, privileges and redress when they’re abused so many suffer in silence fearing coming forward may cause more harm than help;

– its children are abused as well; millions suffer serious neglect, physical mistreatment and/or sexual abuse; many get relief only through escape to dangerous streets; they end up alone, more vulnerable and at greater danger away than at home where there, too, families act more like strangers or predators forcing young kids to flee in the first place.

Nope, not Iran, Amerikstan...

Anonymous said...

blog notes: Mish has done a round-up of the credit crunch. Useful reference.

Stef said...

@anon - good stuff, thx

Stef said...


I'm a history buff and my favourite battles have always been the ones where one army outflanks another, slips around the back and slits the opposing generals'/kings' throats

... yes, definitely my favourite

there's less bloodshed and the victory is usually more complete

I'm not sure what the modern political equivalent is of concentrating on the puppetmasters rather than their puppets but, based on recent experience, asking your grannie to close down her building society account before joining a demo looks like it might be a goer

Stef said...

@anon 09:23

Per the Wikipedia dismambiguation page for GBH...

G.B.H., a satirical drama series written by Alan Bleasdale and shown on the British Channel 4 television channel in 1991.


Anonymous said...

Stef, if you're not familiar with the plot of the (superb) GBH, it's basically about the intelligence services infiltrating far right neo Nazi thugs in order to act as agent provacteurs and start race riots in a fictional city run by an immensly popular (but it turns out very flawed) left wing council leader. The idea been that the undermine the populist left wing movements which threaten the establishments grip on power etc etc. It's a truly brilliant drama, and there's far more to it that this brief description.

But, it seems to me, the establishment in this country have their well worn tactics for retaining their power, and they're using them again...

Anonymous said...

"...if you're not familiar with the plot of the (superb) GBH..."

Aahh, so that's what it's called. It has been going through my mind for about eighteen months; I remember watching it. Thanks, anon.

DAVE BONES said...

Do you mean I can come out from under this burkah?

Stef said...

as long as you don't provoke my uncontrollable lust

Rory Winter said...

It's hellishly difficult to trace who is really behind what my French comrades call a "nebulous network of groupuscules."

We suspect Daniel Pipes, the virulently anti-Islamist neocon, one of Bush's favourities. But while egging the others on he keeps scrupulously out of these other organisations who will often refer to him or use his articles.

The Danish racists also seem to be playing a large part with Anders Gravers from the Danish SIAD. From the slighthly stilted use of Engisl, it can be established that Danes (sorry Stef, no offence on the Good Danes!) are making a heavy input on the English SIOE site.

Hence we get a picture of a loos but effective network of small groups working together. One of their chief tactics just now (apart from seeing which European cities will allow them to demonstrate) is to conduct an ongoing campaign against the building of mosques, seen as the 'Islamization' of Europe.

In some cities in pre-war Czechoslovakia the Jewish areas had up to forty synagogues in them ... Muslims have never equalled that number yet are being accussed of 'taking over' Europe.

This is blatant racism and anti-semitism against Muslims. Certainly, the neocons must be assumed to be the Number One suspects for this, followed by Zioinist organisations like AIPAC which currently rule US Foreign Policy.

Rory Winter said...

What I find thoroughly disheartening is the lack of interest being presently shown by groups and organisations who SHOULD be opposing these right-wing racists.

For over a week now I have been mailing many Left-wing organisations like the SWP, Livingstone (famous for anti-racist campaigns in the past), Radio Ramadhan stations, Muslim blogs and sites etc.

No one, apart from you, has so far taken up the issue. Shutter tells me, on behalf of Postman Patel, that they are researching the matter. What's to research. All he/they have to do is read your & my blog and the SIOE site!

Similarly Osama Saeed of Rolled-Up Trousers. This guy I think is SWP & won't move without being given instructions from the commisars.

I personally put an Alert on the Muslim MPACUK site which seems more concerned with boycotting Israeli dates.

Time is running out if we are to succeed in banning these bastards from marching.

Mayor Freddy Thielemans did an excellent job in stamping them out in Brussels last 11 September. But then he had to ... they were planning to demonstrate outside the European Parliament (bad for the image).

Mark my words, if this London march is allowed to go ahead it will not only get maximum coverage from Britain's racist media but will only lead to yet larger marches.

If we don't stop these shits now it will just get progressively harder to do so.

The British, it appears (and that includes Muslims), are fast asleep, not aware of what's brewing up on the Continent to inevitably hit them.

As a non-Muslim, sometimes I despair of having to do the Muslims' work for them. But as an anti-fascist this is my turf anyway, Muslim or no.

DAVE BONES said...

Can you do anti-semitism against Muslims? Don't you have to be jewish or something?

Rory Winter said...

The phrase 'anti-semite' has been so misused by Zionist groups that it has come to mean anti-Jewish. But that's entirely incorrect.

Semitic people come from the Middle East and are of all religions, Muslim, Jewish and Christian.

In fact, more Palestinians today are semites than Jews as modern Israelis are mainly Caucasian (Khazarian) Europeans who migrated to Israel over the last eighty-odd years.

Hence the bad feeling among many indigenous (semitic) Palestinians that their country, Palestine, was taken over by European Jews who migrated there as a result of the anti-semitism (or anti-Jew persecutions) they experienced at the hands of Europeans.

Why should we have to suffer because of the Europeans, they ask.

BTW, if a Zionist reads the above they will scream "anti-semite" at me. I just ignore their hysterics. Zionism has no monopoly on what is, after all, an ethnic description.

Wolfie said...

Paris is doomed!

Stef said...

@dave bones

re. anti-semitism

rory has beaten me to it

The significance of all this relates to claims about ancestral 'rights' to land in the Middle East. If, as some scholars maintain, the majority of Jews are Ashkenazi in origin then their ancestors were converts to Judaism with no ethnic links to the Holy Land

Sephardic Jews on the other hand possibly are descended from Semitic Jews who once lived in the Holy Land

Curiously, many Sephardi in Israel claim that they are discriminated against by the majority Ashkenazi

And that's it from me on this subject. These kind of discussions are amongst the tastiest troll bait going and invariably end up generating a lot more heat than light

(though it's also worth pointing out that these issues boil down to race and ethnicity rather than religion - which serves as a convenient excuse for a little discord without being the real cause)

Stef said...


As a non-Muslim, sometimes I despair of having to do the Muslims' work for them. But as an anti-fascist this is my turf anyway, Muslim or no.

Muslims are damned if they do and damned if they don't on this one

What if a few thousand did turn out in response to the planned demo?

All it would take would be a half dozen masked guys slipping into the crowd with some dodgy placards, a little selective media coverage and bingo - the Muslim Menace is confirmed yet again

Anonymous said...

As long as the protests are non-violent then they should be left well-enough alone.

Let not the powers-that-be sucker us into the game of playing mini-dictators trying to fight over who should and who should not be banned from marching peacefully, even if it's inflammatory, and pretend that we actually have a say in the matter. If we followed this path it wouldn't be before long that we would have forgotten that we opposed the idea of having bans on, or needing permission slips for, non-violent demonstrations in the first place. This way of building acceptance by balancing one force against another is from their bag of tricks.

Interestingly, Cable Street seems to be one of those well-propagated lies, probably promoted by the 1930s version of Socialist Wanker.

The 'battle' of Cable Street is probably a previous occasion of when the political elite used crowds of seemingly opposing political opinion to clash and make a ruckus to convince the comfortable classes (their much-needed bureaucrats) of the unruliness of the crowd and using well-placed lefties to enter into the historical record the myth of a battle that was either won or lost to distract people from the fact of the ultimate outcome of the protests.

The following news reel from the archives portrays the protests as skirmishes, crowds of people swarming like bees, and as much brutality from the police as towards each other.

Fascist-Red East End Riots
British Paramount News Issue 586, 8 October, 1936
A march through the East End of London by Sir Oswald Moseley's fascist supporters was opposed by many groups and rioting broke out, the worst concentrated on Cable Street. .The disturbances led Parliament to pass the Public Order Act 1936, which empowered police to ban demonstrations.

The following is probably the kind of unity they're worried a about:

Hunger Trek Ends
British Paramount News Issue 175, 31 October, 1932
The 1932 Jarrow Hunger March was held to draw attention to the plight of the jobless. Its final event was a mass meeting in London's Hyde Park. Official concerns about the potential for public disturbance led to a high police presence and some clashes ensued.

Rory Winter said...

Huh, that's true-to-form: knock the working people & you sign yourself Anonymous.

If ever there's a wanker around here, I suggest you look in the mirror.

Rory Winter said...

Don't be fooled by our Anonymous wanker. These Islamophobes, apart from having no grounds to complain, are just racists plain and simple.

Western society is racist enough by nature. We don't need these closet-fascists to be given freedom to march. If ever in power they would be the first to deny everyone else their freedoms.

If Livingstone had the courage (which I doubt the tired old man does) he would have banned this march as Thielemans did in Brussels last 11 September.

Racism and Fascism are a virus. The only thing you can to is to stamp them out else they will grow and grow & then it'll be too late.

Learn from history!

Rory Winter said...

"All it would take would be a half dozen masked guys slipping into the crowd with some dodgy placards, a little selective media coverage and bingo - the Muslim Menace is confirmed yet again."

Yep, that's why it's so important for non-Muslim organisations to join in support. But, in this case, it seems that's just not happening and this demo will go ahead.

That despite the fact that the 8 October Stop the War Demo has been banned!

See how the Right are being given preferable treatment by the police state this country has turned into?

One of the reasons given by Freddy Thielemans for banning the Brussels demo last September was the concern to 'public order and safety' as the European Arab League were also threatening to march.

In the case of London, no one seems interested in challenging these racists. They'll have a field day and give London the reputation for being a free city for their future marches.

Stef said...


If there's one thing most of the people who comment on this blog and the blogs I usually read and comment on have in common it’s the belief that ruling establishments past and present have employed techniques such as false flag incidents and agent provocateurs to further their agendas

I think we are also painfully aware that those establishments have all the guns

…and the cameras, and the databases

On top of that they control most of the media which are the major source of the virus you refer to

And they are very keen to shut down alternative sources of information on the Internet

So, what I think anon is trying to say is that if we support banning and censorship, especially on the Internet, sure some nasty hateful stuff might get shut down but a precedent will have been established that will enable the subversive material to be suppressed as well. The Hatemongers don’t need the Internet – they have the mainstream press. The rest of us do need it

Not everyone will agree with that point of view but hopefully we can discuss different opinions with the understanding that we share some fundamental beliefs

As for the Socialist Wanker comment which I suspect caused some offence – my suspicion is that anon was not referring to ‘working people’ but to some of the tools who dabble with Left Wing politics, make a lot of noise for a while and then get on with living a comfortable white middle-class lifestyle

Thinking back to the Miners Strike some (not all, just some) of the most militant SWP types I met who were travelling to the picket lines were very upper middle-class and unashamedly getting involved for the aggro. I know for a fact that a least a two or three of those guys are partners in legal and accountancy firms today

And that’s before even considering the possibility that the insecurity forces slipped a few of their own into the crowds to stir things up a little…

None of which is an argument against counter demonstrations, just grounds for some caution

Rory Winter said...

I didn't object to Anon calling it the Socialist Wanker as I don't have any time for the SWP which, in my opinion, simply preys on political issues such as, in the 'eighties, the Anti-Nazi League and, today, the so-called Anti-War Movement (whatever happened to the Peace Movement?).

But to put down the Battle of Cable Street I found arrogant and offensive. Ok, so what if there were a few Communist Party thugs stirring things up? The point is that Moseley's thugs got hammered and kept their heads down ever after.

The modern Left and anti-fascists appear not to have learnt a damn thing from that historical precedent.

Rory Winter said...

And they are very keen to shut down alternative sources of information on the Internet

"So, what I think anon is trying to say is that if we support banning and censorship, especially on the Internet, sure some nasty hateful stuff might get shut down but a precedent will have been established that will enable the subversive material to be suppressed as well. The Hatemongers don’t need the Internet – they have the mainstream press. The rest of us do need it"

They are going about doing that WHATEVER we do. See the recent SACC article I put on my blog (link above).

Seems to me we either have a choice of going down with a bang or a whimper.

To keep the struggle for human rights going to the very end is the only thing that gives me a sense of self-respect.

Otherwise, I might as wll be dead.

Stef said...

the so-called Anti-War Movement (whatever happened to the Peace Movement?)

nicely put

there are quite a few 'anti' movements out there and not so many 'pros'

which says to me that people are on the defensive and responding reactively rather than pro-actively promoting their own ideas

Rory Winter said...

Quite right. It's part of the malaise I mention elsewhere. Not restricted solely to Britain but when taken in combination with a country that's lost an Empire & doesn't know where it's going ... it's fatal.

The Peace Movement was a much broader church and Bruce Kent did his best to keep it that way. Even then, the CND Council was loaded with lefties with other agendas.

But now, the SWP (with all the government moles within it) have taken over and hence your Antiness (anti-Nazi League, Anti this, Anti that).

What's the significant difference between the Left and the Ruling Status Quo? The Left has no vision and is only good at reacting to things that the Status Quo does.

In that sense the Left is reactive and the Status Quo is Proactive. That needs to be changed around.

In fact, better to get away from the entire impasse and look at a new popular movement based on social justice and human rights.

DAVE BONES said...

Interestingly, Cable Street seems to be one of those well-propagated lies, probably promoted by the 1930s version of Socialist Wanker.

Did you check out the modern version?

Naj said...

"Fascism: unholy merger of state and corporations", Correct!
"Islamo-fascism doesn't qualify the name", incorrect!

Islamo-fascism is the the product of corporation's interests in other's state! So those who complain about it, do know that it exists BECAUSE they have created it themselves!