Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Fish in Town

And the 2007 ‘Don’t Look Now’ award for the most subliminally disturbing advert for photographic equipment goes to…

The Panasonic TZ3 Compact Digital Camera

I saw this in a Dixons duty free catalogue a few weeks ago and unsettling images of scary laughing tranvestite(?) crones with wrinkly arms and over-sized heads have been creeping into my dreams ever since

Thank you Panasonic


And whilst on the subject of images suitable for inclusion in altered states of consciousness, I am sad to announce that The Blobfish’s tenure as
Fish of the Month has come to an end.

I am, however, delighted to announce the unveiling of a new
Fish of the Month...

The Longhorn Cowfish

It’s got horns. It’s bright yellow



Anonymous said...

About 3 years ago, I found the skeleton of that very fish on a coastline of the South China sea.

I was very scared as I'd never seen anything like it. It looked like I had come across the skeleton of a small devil. I had no idea it was a fish, until someone gave Stef the link to exotic fish.

The horns are made of bone. The whole skeleton was almost exactly the shape of the fish.

- lw

Wolfie said...

Thanks for the close-up on the ad!

I nearly lost my lunch.

Stef said...

She'll be visiting you tonight when you sleep