Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Minds think alike

From today's Private Eye...

thanks to Lord P.


edit: and whilst on the subject of banking industry look-alikes, this extract from a post in Scott Adam's blog tickled me for some reason...

Did you hear that scientists discovered a new use for men’s balls? Apparently they are loaded with stem cells.

This is great news because stem cells have potential to help against many health problems. For example, men’s balls might someday help with their strokes.

If you have balls, you have probably looked at them and wondered aloud “What else can I do with them?” Until now, their utility was limited to the following:

1. Producing sperm and male hormones
2. Target for projectiles
3. Sexual stimulation
4. Impersonating Alan Greenspan



paul said...

Michael Hudson gives the randian nut greenspan a good shoeing here

His recent outpourings always remind me of this

According to some accounts, one key reason he left Wall Street and went into government service was for the pension. As the story goes, Townsend-Greenspan & Co, a pension management firm that Greenspan founded, actually did such a poor job of predicting the direction of the market that the enterprise was about to go belly up and had to be liquidated. As one former Greenspan competitor, Pierre Renfret, recalls, 'When Greenspan closed down his economic consulting business to go on the Board of the Federal Reserve he did so because he had no clients left and the business was going under. We even went so far as to try and hire some of his former employees only to find out he had none for the 6 months prior to his closing. When he closed down he did not have a single client left on a retainer basis."


Stef said...

I am grateful for the link and the quote - both of which are new to me

I am therefore all the more regretful that I must report you to the Conspiraloon™ High Council for recycling a quote which implies that the Federal Reserve is a government body without the addition of an appropriate Truth™ comment warning readers that the Fed is in fact privately owned by a shady cabal of international bankers

paul said...

You cannot censure the TRUTH™!!!!