Thursday, September 13, 2007


Lord Patel has written a couple of posts about the latest foot and mouth outbreak here and here.

He was particularly interested by the fact that the new F&M ‘Protection Zone’ includes yet another fricking government bio-war facility. This time the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) in Woodham

To be honest I was a little confused with Lord Patel’s posts at first, as the VLA is actually 8km from the reported outbreak site and therefore falls well outside the 3km Protection Zone that was first announced by DEFRA at 11 o’clock yesterday morning

However, later in the day at 5 o’clock
DEFRA updated its list of Protection Zones on the basis that

‘On 12 September Foot and Mouth Disease was confirmed at a farm in Surrey. The farm comprises a number of separate parcels of land: a single Protection Zone has been put in place extending 3 kilometres around each of them, with a Surveillance Zone of 10 kilometres radius beyond that. Footpaths are being closed in the Protection Zone. Cattle on the affected farm are being culled, together with animals on an adjacent farm.’

And the VLA falls well within the expanded area under protection...

The VLA and the latest outbreak site both also handily happen to be located comfortably within a cow's coughing distance from the M25

Bless, the Americans test and hold all their noxious shit in the middle of deserts or Alabama but the British like to play with their anthrax in facilities with shit plumbing located right next to their capital city's orbital motorway and, yes I'm looking at the map, a small river. Outstanding

Curiously, the Institute for Animal Health (IAH) – the source of August’s F&M outbreak only falls within a ‘Surveillence Zone’

I mention all this because, as I’ve already commented to people elsewhere, I was more than a little underwhelmed by the reception given to the HSE report on the August outbreak which concluded that the outbreak was probably due to leaky drains (!?)

More specifically we were told that this was the probable chain of events...

  • Three organisations operate at Pirbright - Institute for Animal Health, Merial Animal Health and Stabilitech
  • All three work with live virus strain O1BFS that caused foot-and-mouth disease but origin of leaked virus not known
  • Waste water containing live virus entered drainage pipework
  • Contaminated waste may have leaked into soil from unsealed manholes and pipes damaged by tree roots
  • Heavy rainfall in late July may have led to further leaks from drains
  • Contractors and their vehicles had relatively unrestricted access to Pirbright - a breach of biosecurity
  • Construction work disturbed soil above drainage system
  • Lorries probably picked up virus on tyres and underbodies, carried it away from site and past Woolford Farm
  • Cattle at the farm tested positive for foot-and-mouth on 3rd August

Fans of the fabulously elaborate death scenes in movies such as The
Omen and the Final Destination series will no doubt be perfectly at ease with this explanation

"A tragic accident that was just waiting to happen" - The HSE

but nevertheless I couldn’t help but be struck by how blasé the mainstream media seemed to be about the whole business

And presumably the explanation for the latest outbreak is going to have to be even more long-winded and append a couple of extra steps that explain how a virus with an incubation period of 2-14 days can lie low for 30+ days before saying hello to everyone again

Oh dear

Conspiraloons™ are particularly touchy about our government’s new found love for mutant killer viruses, both real and imagined, because we’re just a teensy wee bit suspicious that naughty people might, hypothetically speaking of course, feel just a little tempted to whistle up some viruses, real or imagined, as a means of making shit loads of money from the bullshit vaccine business and as a handy tool to close down entire swathes of the country at the drop of hat, as and when it suits their purposes, no real questions asked

Totally bonkers of course but we do, sadly, live in cynical times

Now would definitely be a good time for those lovable prankmonkeys the McCann's to do something amusing methinks...



The Antagonist said...

Watch your legumes.

What's the UK equivalent of locoweed?

Stef said...

What really pisses me off is that the DEFRA zones cover some of the places I usually go mushrooming in at this time of year

Stef said...

What's the UK equivalent of locoweed?

Not exactly the UK locoweed but there's news of worrying new developments over at the Tramp Juice site

The United Kingdom government is trying to push through a new piece of legislation that potentially threatens not only super strength drinkers but every single person in the United Kingdom. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill gives members of parliament the power to ban super strengths and impose up to two year jail sentences on the drinker. Without any debate whatsoever. Your local M.P. might get bored of supers and ban them on a whim, all this will be completely legal if this new bill goes through.

Civil liberties are being eroded enough as it is in the United Kingdom without this bill going through. We here at Trampjuice urge you all to log on and question your M.P. over this legislation. If you don't - super strengths may die!

On another note, Kopperbergs Super is currently being reviewed, expect a full review up shortly. A member of the team went all the way to Sweden to secure this mythical brew.

First they came for the super strength lagers...

Merkin said...

Am I really ill?
That graphic of the exclusion zones showed a prick and ball in the middle.

Anonymous said...

I dunt want to trivialise the thread but I've got a burning question to ask.

Do cows actually cough?

Stef said...

I can't say for sure but I did have a seagull sneeze on me in the middle of the last bird flu panic

I was not best pleased