Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Giving up Liberty for Freedom - the Youtube critics rave...

“she's talking bullshit..this is the "whitby" version... geezer was sitting down,reading the metro paper.. out of date visa? what?.. . this all started wierd anyway... surveillance taking a piss when he walked out of his flats?..didnt get a good look at him?..then lets him on the bus?..failed bus bomb the day before?..wierd..”

“He wasn't IN his own country woman, it had nothing to do with a visa and eveything to do with racism, and the guy only ran when the tube came in so he catch it. He didn't run.”

“the ignorance behind those smiles.. if it was her son who was shot 8 times for no reason whatsoever shed be whistling a totally different tune. fact is in this age of "terror" a man was shot dead on the basis of his appearance. the met police are bastards”

“You stupid blond fucking cockney slutbag dirty chavvy whore, I really hope you get shot or one of your kids do, tell me how much did the pigs give you to say that shit?”


“LOL, what a fucking ugly brain dead crack whore. God i hope that bitch stumbles upon this. She's probably already seen Terror storm because she's in it, lol.”

“i think even if it was her son she still would've been on the side of the police.........f*kin b*tch”

“Does this dumb bitch realize that liberty is freedom? God...this world is fucked.”


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Merkin said...

I looked at this video and was reminded of why I lived in Poland for such a long time.
She was rough as fuck.
Hate to be visualist or sexist etc but I could smell the peroxide through my screen.
Yet, she was an opinion shaper for a large mass of the population in some way.
Hell, hand, cart, sadness springs to mind.