Monday, February 05, 2007

Klaatu barada NETCU

Any half-serious connoisseur of quality fascism knows that the checklist for putting together a viable Orwellian police state includes these three essential pre-requisites…

  1. Creation of a network of numerous state security organisations with overlapping and poorly defined areas of responsibility – the result being that no single security organisation is ever powerful enough to challenge the Leadership and spends most of its time fighting turf wars with the other security organisations anyway. Another plus point being that any dissident individual unfortunate enough to attract the attention of this network of agencies is drawn into a never-ending Kafka-esque world of harassment and confusion that will leave them pretty much fucked for ever

  2. A certain breezy, Devil may care attitude to the definition of what exactly constitutes terrorism and a consequent, and useful, gradual expansion of what kind of people the State designates as terrorists

  3. Application of state power to secure and protect corporate interests rather than those of the citizenry

So, imagine my delight at stumbling across The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU) website for the very first time...



The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU) forms part of the national policing response to domestic extremism, together with the National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism (NCDE), the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) and the National Domestic Extremism Team (NDET).

Our focus is to promote a coordinated, consistent and effective approach to dealing with domestic extremism.

NETCU provides the police service of England and Wales and other enforcement agencies with tactical advice and guidance on policing domestic extremism and associated criminality.

We support the business and academic sectors, providing a centralised source of information, advice, guidance and liaison on strategies to withstand domestic extremist attacks.

We also provide Government and our partners in the police service, Crown Prosecution Service and industry with information about trends and types of domestic extremist incidents and crimes.

I’ve deliberately left out a link to the NETCU website as its terms and conditions clearly state

You have to ask permission and receive approval from NETCU to link to this website. Requests should be made in writing to NETCU, PO Box 525, Huntingdon, PE29 9AL

Whether linking to their site qualifies as domestic extremism is not made clear but I don’t want to take the risk. The people behind this site though are more than happy to link directly to NETCU



Anonymous said...

Hi Stef

I should disregard Postman P's sarcastic dig at you.

While he thinks that you are barking up the wrong tree I believe he is simply barking, on this occasion, at least.

My own feelings are that the NETCU site is the genuine article - check out all of the constabularies which link to them via

Stef said...

a search for 'Superintendent Steve Pearl' is equally illuminating

I too originally thought NETCU was a spoof along with all the other organisations/ acronyms mentioned on the NETCU site

the sad thing is that, even they are so over the top as to sound like a joke, they do exist

which says something about the times we live in

My high opinion of the Postman remains untranished...

Stef said...

untarnished even

Stef said...

PS The fact that the Met links to NETCU on its own webpage is arguably a bit of a giveaway

the void said...

of courrse it's not a spoof, give me some credit

already had the cambs ob turning u7p on my server stats since posting it

they have been largely set up to combat animal rights 'terrorists', in other words to protect businesses which make money out of torturing animals

Stef said...

\ fights urge to do barman refusing to give credit routine

Aran said...

NETCU are for real and they are something all of us should be concerned about

Stef said...


for sure

thanks for the link