Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Infowar Baby! (ever so slightly updated)

I still don't know what to make of that BBC video I mentioned in the previous post

Time will tell

There's an unsourced quote (now sourced - I love the line about the missing tapes in Point 4 BTW) bouncing around supposedly from Richard Porter, Head of News, BBC World

"If we reported the building had collapsed before it had done so, it would have been an error - no more than that."

Well, that's for sure...

In a way it, it doesn't really matter if this particular story turns out to have legs or not.

People are looking at the video for themselves, asking questions and looking for answers - completely independent of the mainstream media


A key legacy of 9/11 scepticism is that a significant number of people have become less trustful, more proactive and more savvy when it comes to passively accepting what they are told. The WMD bullshit that was parroted uncritically by the mainstream press before the attack on Iraq has had a similar effect.

And that is one of the reasons why, even though there is little people outside of the US can do about 9/11, the treatment of the 9/11 narrative is still important to us. 9/11 scepticism offers a key to a different way of looking at the world that pisses off both the establishment and the established anti-establishment (Hello George) in equal measure

Anyway, the significance of the content of the BBC video is not the most important, or entertaining, thing right now

What is most entertaining at the moment is the response to what may have been attempts to censor the video from sites like Google Video, You Tube, Digg and elsewhere...

  • A lot of people are uploading copies of the video all over the place
  • A lot of people are arguing for its significance online with what appear to be somewhat 'puppety' sounding opponents. Come to think of it some of the people arguing for the significance of the video have something of the Shari Lewis about them too

In short, it's full-on INFOWAR!!!

And who does Lambchops think was responsible for the World Trade Centre collapse?

It's a new kind of war where the only territory occupied is virtual, where it is almost impossible to tell friend from foe, and the only casualties are mounds of suspended sock puppet accounts and inactive hyperlinks

It is currently a restricted war, being waged in
only a small corner of the Internet populated, by and large, by seasoned Infowarriors

But serious attempts are being made to turn Limited InfoWar into Total InfoWar through acts of InfoTerrorism committed on targeted groups of civilian non-combatants - specifically Britney Spears fans and people who wank a lot

...though obviously there is some significant overlap between the two groups

What did you do in the InfoWar daddy?

Why, I sat in front of my computer eating corn chips and uploading 400 copies of the same homemade 9/11 conspiracy video with a picture of Uma Thurman's tits slapped on the front, along with a series of misleading tags such as 'hot' 'asian' 'lesbo' 'babe' and 'action' sweetheart.

This new form of combat is, of course, bad news for the future of the action film genre as, even with the most dramatic backing music and best CGI Special FX in the world, it's kind of hard to imagine sitting in a theatre watching Bruce Willis grappling with M$ Movie Maker, opening a series of troll user accounts, cutting and pasting pictures of celebrity tits and hitting the upload button for 90 minutes...

On the other hand I think the porn movie industry will find it a lot easier to adapt to the new environment as there's nothing stopping its heroes being blown at the same time as the buildings in their videos.

Hmmm, Conspiracy Porno - how do I patent that?


Edit: Well, it was worth at least checking to see if was taken...

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