Monday, February 26, 2007

Ignoble Lies

A nod of appreciation to The Antagonist for fleshing out his original comment made on a posting about George Monbiot in this blog into a post on his own blog.

And a second nod to Postman Patel and his post waxing lyrical on Monbiot's Calculus © as applied to the ‘science’ of climate change modelling.

The Thoughts of Charmin Monbiot

I am picking on Monbiot because, and I suspect others are doing so for the same reason, he appears to be claiming some kind of special right to speak for, and dictate, the future course of popular activism against the evils of our times.

as evidenced by him throwing his toys out of the pram and turning 180 degrees on the issue of 9/11 scepticism.

George, and people like George, aren’t sitting on and controlling that particular movement and he doesn’t like it one little bit.

Which I wouldn’t mind so much if the movements that George and people like George endorse - Make Poverty History being the first one that comes to mind – had achieved anything at all.

Well, that’s not strictly fair – exercises like Make Poverty History do a stand-up job of assuaging middle class guilt for relatively little effort or expense.

And that is what, I suspect, they are there for

The second example of arse-wipe, faux grassroots movements spearheaded by George and people like George that comes to mind is the Climate Change thing.

George likes to play fast and loose with the numbers. He also likes to refer to anyone who disagrees with him as a ‘Climate Change denier’ – a slimy attempt to equate holding an honest difference of opinion with being some kind of Nazi.

To be honest, I haven’t encountered a single person, not one, who denies that climate change is taking place. It always has. It always will. I have, however, encountered a lot of people though who believe that
  • man made climate change might be less significant than is currently being made out to be, and
  • even if it man made climate change is significant most of the measures being proposed by the climate change lobby would do fuck all to stop it
Calling people ‘Man Made Climate Change is a significant threat and there’s something we can do to stop it' deniers doesn’t roll off the tongue so easy

Climate change is an inevitable and intrinsic part of the Earth's natural cycle and humanity would be better off dealing with the consequences of that fact rather than pretending we can select a global climate of our choice and somehow suspend it in time.

Of course, George and people like George are never going to acknowledge that because they are committed to telling a noble lie. The point of which is to scare humanity into submitting to a view of its future held by George and people like George, because George and people like George know what’s best for us.

Carbon emissions and global warming are just a ruse to serve a higher purpose. Before global warming we were told to be scared of global cooling and resource depletion – the solutions to which, coincidentally, were the same as the ones currently being advocated to deal with the global warming scare.

I can remember back to when cold fusion was first announced and, for a short time, it seemed that non-polluting, ‘free’ energy might be achievable. Were the environmental crowd pleased with that? Bollocks were they. They were complaining about all the damage mankind would wreak on the Earth if equipped with a limitless clean energy source.

The issue is not about too much CO2, too little CO2, too much energy, too little energy. It’s about misanthropy and control. The belief that only a self-selecting elite knows what’s best and that the bulk of humanity is a dumb mob that needs to be centrally controlled and have limits imposed on its size. That is the context underlying much of what is going on in the world, Monbiot’s movements included.

So who's the fucking Nazi then?

I love Google and Google loves me



Monbiot's Calculus © is now copyright and the phrase "mathematics of indeterminate numbers" TM is trade marked.


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