Wednesday, February 07, 2007


One of the many curious quirks of these last ten years under New Labour rule is the virtual disappearance of political stand-up comedy in popular culture. There's scope for someone writing a thesis on the reasons why but one of the main reasons is, I think, the fact that there isn't an easy alternative on offer to the present ruling political party.

Come to think of it, looking back on the 80's and early 90's the comics back then had it astonishingly easy - bang out and few knob gags, moan about how crap the Conservatives were and pocket the royalties.

Which is possibly why that generation of comics quietly turned to writing shite novels and musicals or doing adverts for toilet paper once the going got tougher.

Writes shite musicals

Or, to put it another way, the cocksucksers lied to us, are too chicken shit to face up to the world they helped bring about and have sold out instead.

Unlike this man...


And whilst I'm posting videos, I've found a follow-up to the, in hindsight, relatively mundane USB/Keyboard-powered hamster wheel that I linked to a few days back ... the USB-powered humping dog

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Daniel said...

I've recently had similar thoughts about the current dearth of political stand-up. Perhaps its a generational issue, and later generations raised under the continuing 'spectre' of TWOT will pick up the torch.

As for Ben Elton, what a let down. At least we have Bremner and co having a pop at the government.

Stef said...

Perhaps ... later generations raised under the continuing 'spectre' of TWOT will pick up the torch.

... and get locked-up presumably

Daniel said...