Thursday, February 22, 2007

From the Golden Age of French-Canadian Comedy

Comedy gold from the Canadian army ...

Zeut Alors! Crissss alors ! Tabarnake !



Sophia said...


You understood that the language spoken was French Canadian, however the Youtube title was French tout court. The Canadian army has been known for multiple equipment failures since the early 90s, and to my knowledge they don't buy that much from the French. They buy from the UK and there is a joke story here about the UK selling used and non functional equipment to Canada. God Save the Queen !
The one minute video was good !

Oh and French canadians don't say Zeut alors, may be Belgians (my husband is Belgian). French Canadians say Crissss alors ! Tabarnake !

Stef said...

The "Zeut Alors" thing is an old cliche used in British comic books whenever French people were surprised, without much care as to whether it was accurate or not - a bit like 'sacre bleu'

but thanks for putting me straight

And in return, to express my gratitude, I know where I can get my hands on four very serviceable ex Royal Navy submarines for a very special price if you know of anyone who is interested