Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stef's Local Restaurant Tips No.49 - The Bridge to China Town, Borough Road

SE1’s premiere Halal Chinese restaurant

Yet another satisfied customer raves…

If you don't mind sloppy chinese food or a very desperate student then this is for you. Just outside my uni, this place isn't worth going to. Their swett corn soup is so thick, it pour like tarmac- NOT JOKING! It's thicker than honey! Food is either tasteless or greasy or both. Yeah it's cheap but I'd rather spend my money on bog roll

Rating 2/10

In truth, my own recommendation is based more on the ambience than the quality of food on offer.

The swett corn soup may be thicker than tarmac but The Bridge to China Town dining experience offers an unparalleled opportunity to watch the super spooky Islamofundamentalist terrorist radicalisation process in action.

If you’re especially lucky you might even get caught up in one of the ludicrously over-manned police terror-arse raids driven by piss poor intelligence that this great city is becoming justly famous for...

the raid came after "months of surveillance into those suspected of recruiting or encouraging others to take part in terrorist activities".

The restaurant was full of people, including children, when around 40 police officers wearing riot gear raided it shortly after 2200 BST on Friday.

Diners were told they were being questioned under the Terrorism Act.

Each was asked to give their name and address, after which those arrested were taken away in handcuffs.

This is particularly important to South Londoners who enjoy watching a show whilst eating their swett and sour now that the New Saigon is out of business and Chinese Elvis has stopped his regular gigs at the Graceland Palace on the Old Kent Road


Reading the BBC’s account of the recent raid on this Sino-Islamic terror training camp cum shitty budget Chinese restaurant, I particularly enjoyed this important information from crack BBC security correspondent Gordon Carrera…

the arrests were linked to allegations of "training camps" within the UK for people who want to engage in terrorist acts.

"Here in the UK it's more forms of bonding and getting groups together as well as radicalising those taking part. It's not necessarily military or terrorist training or blowing things up, it's more training in the sense of groups bonding and working together".

The fact that our State News Service can parrot crap like that without any significant blowback speaks volumes about how fucked-up the collective IQ of this country has become in a scarily short time.

So, remember, if you see any Muslims working or eating together grass the fuckers up tout suite

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Wolfie said...

Wow, that's so surreal. I don't know what to say.