Thursday, October 12, 2006

London's Quality Newspaper

You can say whatever you like about the Evening Standard but you can't accuse it of not pulling its weight when it comes to disseminating pure Hate - served piping hot, just like Grandma used to make it

Well, my grandma anyway

Yesterday, we were treated to this -

And a few days before that -

It's a shame that the Standard's crack journalism team didn't have enough room to finish the headline '... in Australia'

Apparently, running a quality London newspaper consists of performing a series of Google searches for unfavourable news stories about Muslims from around the world and slapping them up on your front page.


So, not much chance of the Standard reporting the discovery of a white supremacist's bomb factory in Lancashire the other day

... No Muslims

Which is a shame as the bomb factory happened to include some real weapons and real bomb-making ingredients which would have made for a nice change from the usual.

... Mais, n'est pas des Muslims


Still, the Standard is in good company in neglecting to report this particular story - the BBC, the national dailies, pretty much the entire mainstream media...


A couple of people I have spoken with recently have (gently) taken me to task for mouthing off against anti-Muslim hate, both on and off line. I may be running the risk of allowing a misplaced sense of Political Correctness leaving me sounding anti British, anti Christian, anti Semitic, anti American, anti whatever...


That 'You're either with us or against us' crap, in all its many guises, is the single most useful deceit employed to keep ordinary people at each other's throats.

Hate is always Hate, wherever it comes from and whoever its directed at. And I despair at just how many people are apparently being sucked in by the latest campaign to set one group of people against another for pleasure and profit. This poison is identical to the bile spouted in Europe 70 years ago and anybody with any sense or understanding of history should be really, and I mean really, concerned about where this is all leading to.

That's not to say that the Hate Mongers and their backers don't have a sense of humour. How else can you explain Ruth Kelly of all people being made 'Communities Secretary' ...

Muslim groups which prove they are trying to outlaw extremism within their ranks are to receive financial support, Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly says

What a marvellous jape; have a full card-carrying space-alien member of Opus Dei speak out against extremist religious ideology.

Ruth Kelly MP

Alien visitor from the Forest Moon of Endor

Somebody is most definitely having a laugh

I wonder if Ruth was wearing her strap-on whilst giving her latest speech


The Antagonist said...

According to page 5 of the very same newspaper, Mr Hamza's Shepherd's Bush abode is blessed with at least one exclusive neighbour:

"The house is next door to Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton."

Neighbourly chats over the garden fence in Aldbourne Road must be very interesting indeed.

David said...

Australia? My paper located the poor blind woman somewhere near Finchley. Are we on the same page here?