Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is it possible to love Jarvis Cocker any more than I already do?

Speaking as someone who grew up living in a flat above a shop and who spontaneously combusted on going to college and meeting rich kids for the first time I have always had a soft spot for the lyrics of Common People and Jarvis Cocker generally.

Any native Londoner who has had to listen to some pampered twot who moved into the city two minutes ago tell you how great everything is and how you shouldn't be so negative about things cannot help but warm to the lines...

'cos everybody hates a tourist
especially one who thinks
it's all such a laugh

A few years ago William Shatner released a cover of
Common People complete with backing vocals by Joe Jackson.

For a moment in space-time, it was as if my own deranged personal fantasy world had interfaced with reality and been given tangible form -

It took days for me to clean myself up after first hearing it. I was spontaneously giggling in public places for months afterwards.

As for that abusing Michael Jackson thing - well, Jarvis should have been given a knighthood on the spot, even before he sobered up.

And if my own deranged personal fantasy world does ever break through into reality ever again we'll have Jarvis' face on our money.

Anyway, as proof that the old magic is still there, Jarvis has just slapped up a new DIY music video on Myspace...

... lyrically perfect, and if it doesn't win this year's Ivor Novello award there is no justice in this Life

Tim Ireland of
bloggerheads has posted a slightly different presentation of the song...

... which gives you something to do with your hands whilst singing along to the chorus for the xhundreth time

Jarvis you're a fucking hero - don't ever change, please


Frank O'Dwyer said...

Thanks for the tip - that's like Christmas come early. Fabulous song.

de said...

I still think Cocker is a dreary little nobhead, but thats a much better way to do it.

Garry said...

The William Shatner version of Common People is surely one of the most mind-boggling cultural constructs ever.

Mile End is a brilliant song, whilst we're on the subject.

Bridget Dunne said...

How about a little Immortal Technique ?

and this one is worth a watch:

cause of death