Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stef's Local Restaurant Tips No.47 - The Famous Kennington Tandoori

aka (on its webpage) - The Kennignton Tandoori

Curry House of the Stars

Nothing super-special curry wise but featuring the best window display of faded, poor quality 'celebrity' customer photographs in SE11


  • Former Defence Minister and world class twat Geoff Hoon
  • Former Lib Dem leader Charles 'Mines a Large One' Kennedy

and best of all

Kennington itself is a peculiar wee corner of town. A prosperous enclave of expensive housing and trendy little eateries just a stone's throw across the river from Westminster, bounded on all sides by neighbourhoods just teeming with exclusion and despair. There have been at least two fatal stabbings within a few minutes walk of the restaurant in the last couple of months alone.

So it goes without saying most of the politicians who eat at the Kennington Tandoori turn up in cabs.

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