Monday, October 23, 2006

Tosspot of the Week - Trevor Phillips OBE

For a few years now I've been grumbling to anyone who would listen, and people who wouldn't, about the rate of migration into the UK and especially London

It hasn't been managed very well and, to my mind, seems to be driven by interests that find the prospect of an extensive, lowly-paid, socially-fractured underclass quite appealing.

It's all about untermensch baby.

If you scratch the surface a little, the migration issue is not really about political correctness or 'do-gooding'. It is, as is usually the case, about money and control. And it would be just peachy if those on the Left who have been unknowingly supporting a globalist agenda for years now woke up to that.

My concerns are nothing to do with any prejudice towards any race or any culture. Quite the opposite. I simply don't relish the prospect of living in a country or supporting a system where people are systematically fucked-over; whether they were born here or not.

And yet, until recently, anyone voicing concerns about these matters has run the risk of being accused of over-stating the scale and impact of recent migration or of being plain racist.

Politicians from the Labour Party and Nu Labour fluffers who've been appointed to head up the various quangoes concerned with these matters have been particularly vociferous in chucking names around.

And now, to anyone who holds politicians in the contempt to which they should be held, it comes as no surprise to discover that the Labour Party has motored past those of us who are concerned, but not racist or hateful, over to territory once occupied by the likes of the British National, and Conservative, parties.

At the very least this demonstrates a certain degree of, erm, 'moral flexibility', usually associated with sociopaths, on the part of the Labour Party and its supporter(s)

and a classic example of Problem - Reaction - Solution

and utterly, utterly repugnant

Fuck me, I read two articles in the
Daily Mail, of all newspapers, this weekend that were saying Labour Politicians were going too far in their (thinly veiled) attacks on Muslims in Britain

The World Turned Upside Down or what?

And so, my much much-coveted Tosspot of the Week award must go to Trevor Phillips OBE, Chair for the Commission for Racial Equality who, along with all his New Labour friends, has been extolling the virtues of multicultralism and accusing people with concerns of being racist for years now but, along with all his New Labour friends, has recently decided that multiculturalism doesn't actually apply to Muslims.

Apparently, according to Trevor we have to be afraid of British Muslims because they are just itching to start some race riots. Yup, we shouldn't be concerned about the veil 'debate' because it's a pretty wanky way to behave in itself. No, we should be concerned because violent Muslims might start setting fire to cars.

Which sounds much more like a threat rather than a call for common decency to me.

Proclaiming thoughts like that is just going to do wonders for racial harmony in Britain.

What a tosspot.

Trevor Phillips, OBE

Enoch Powell, MBE

And if anyone can find any significant difference in tone, and implication, between the crap Phillips has been coming out with recently and Enoch Powell's much reviled 'Rivers of Blood' speech I'd love to hear about it


The Antagonist said...

Let's hope nobody mentions the findings of The Burnley Project, as commissioned by the Home Office, who then went on to ignore entirely the results of the findings in favour of stirring-it up a little more.

Meanwhile, the middle and upper ruling class ethnic minorities, such as the likes of Lord Ahmed and Baroness Amos - the black, female leader of the Privy Council - have yet to be seen rioting about anything at all, are both comfortably well off and doing very nicely for themselves, thank you very much for asking.

This ain't no race war, it's the same class war it's always been.

Garry said...


And this issue gives an interesting perspective on faultlines in the Establishment. On the one hand, there's the Daily Mail's "immigration = bad", as against capitalism's "cheap workforce = good".

If you keep this in mind, it's fun to watch the Government juggle sordid political interests against hard cash imperatives.

Peter said...

Nice one Stef, but quangoes? Surely you mean QUANGOs? Grrr.

Anyway, I don't know if you remember me referring to you as a flaneur, but the guy who tickled my interest in flaneurism, Iain Sinclair, is reading at a poetry night in Shoreditch. I think you have a certain degree in common.

for details

All the best

Stef said...

Hi Peter

Thanks for the link - I missed the Shoreditch reading but Sinclair is on my radar now


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