Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Sultan's Elephant

Normally I'm quite dismissive about whacky public art and the bullshit, and expense, that often accompanies it.

I must admit however to being quite taken the concept of a 42 ton mechanical elephant stomping around Westminister, as is taking place right now.

If it wasn't pissing down I might even be there instead of here

And thanks to Simon Crubellier for posting a decent series of Elephant shots taken yesterday when the weather wasn't so rubbish

/ looks out of window, fingers brolly

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Skuds said...

We managed to see a bit of it in Trafalgar Square before it started raining - bloody awesome!

Without doubt the finest mechanical elephant I have ever seen. The shame was that it never ventured South of the river because I would have loved to see it crossing one of the bridges.